How many TDs will Monty break Jamaal's record by?

On pace for over 20

I think he wanted a fourth tonight.


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I commented on this in the game thread but i don’t think they could have found another mid-tier running back that complemented the combination of Oline and scheme as well as Monty does. He is not a flashy back, he doesn’t have the ridiculous break away speed and explosiveness that wow you. But he does so many little things, the blue collar stuff, that accumulate into a real difference.

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I dont think Monty has ever beat the Packers. Our boy was hurt but wanted to play tonight and make a point, and the coaching staff obliged. Dude led by example tonight!

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I remember all off-season people were saying “There’s no way Monty is getting the same amount of TDs as Jamaal” and I was just scratching my head wondering - why not? He’s better. He’s younger. It’s all about health. Although I will say - we need to give Gibbs some more touches. He’s too good to be a scat back.

Oh, I have him on my team.
Uh … no, I did not have him in this week.


Both J-Will and Monty!!

You’re welcome.

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