How many wins the rest of the season?

I’m thinking the Lions kinda suck and sucked before Tate went away. I’m thinking you can’t win many games playing like they have the past 2 weeks. I see 2 more wins with maybe 2 others that they catch a team looking past them. end the season 7 and 9. That would be the high end for me. No more then 7 wins. Now if you asked me after the Miami win I would have said 10 or 11. Which team shows up here on out. The team that played the Pats and Miami or the team that played the Vikes?

4 . Arz buf one bears game and one of GB or minny.

Also, I might be a homer.

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Who says we’re gonna win another game this year?

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I’m hoping Thanksgiving and @Green Bay will be wins. I still think this team can compete against the likes of Buffalo and Arizona.

So 7-9 is where I figure the’ll finish.

They beat Buffalo if Josh Allen isn’t back yet.

Im in same boat with weasel… 4. Hopefully zona cuz I’m going to that one, buffalo, and then two of the 4 divisional games.

2, maybe 3 games. I think this team is mentally done with the season. They might surprise us and waste valuable high draft pick slots and end up winning 5 more.

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I think 500 is very optimistic.

This team laid down last week. I wouldn’t be surprised if they fold the rest of the season.

Optimistically, 3. Arizona, Buffalo, and a lucky win…
Probably against the Rams. That would be so typically SOL.

Now it’s 5…

Bears have Chase Daniel this week maybe?


Packers run the table and we cockblock them last week of the season.

That would be an epic LOLions way ti end the year…8-8 and we keep Rogers at home in January.