How Much will NFL Teams Lose if we Get "Ghost Games"

I suppose NFL will lose much less than MLB

  • fewer games
  • every game televised
    but they will lose

8 games x 70,000 seats x $75 = $42,000,000
So +/- $40,000,000
Gets worse if some games are cancelled …
Impact Salary cap next season?

Left out a few bucks, parking, concessions, jersey sales to name a few. It adds up to millions as well.

Oh shit!!
No kidding!!
Probably is another $10m!

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never heard of a “ghost game” :relaxed: :smirk:

honestly, i don’t much care about how much money billionaire owners lose this season.

what does interest me is the idea of playing without fans. maybe without fans we can play road games and actually have unbiased officiating for a change. wouldn’t that be nice. without fans to influence them maybe we won’t get screwed over and over again. just a hope.

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The average seat price in Ford Field in 2017 was $99

Was in the bottom 1/3 of NFL Stadiums

They have gone up at least twice and spend

And honestly, they don’t care if you have football. They’re in it for profit. Cold hard cash.
Football is a product.
I’m in Alpena. We have the green light to open tomorrow. How many businesses can afford to open at 50% capacity?
I’m hearing a lot of them saying, “oh thank you, I get to open and take a loss after having no income for 2 months”. Not much point.
As for me? I can’t afford $12 for a burger.

The NFL will be fine. I’m not worried about them at all. The people who rely on seasonal work in the stadiums will get hurt quite badly by this, however.

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I think it will impact the salary cap
Maybe for a couple years before things get back to normal

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If state governors try to force empty stadiums then the NFL has made it known that they plan to move the games out of state.

The Lions may have to play 16 away games this year.

I haven’t seen anything about the NFL moving teams out of states bc fans won’t be present… Only that they’d do it if the state won’t allow games at all.

I don’t really care. I should. It’s a disadvantage but I just want to see sports on TV again. No fans, unfair schedule, whatever … just play.

Pros at least. They’re getting enough “hazard pay.”