How new Lions medical staff helped Frank Ragnow ‘see the light’ with toe injury


“He’s awesome, man. He tells me he thinks more about my toe than he does his wife sometimes, which is tough,” Ragnow said.

Rex Ryan in the house!!! lmao


Great article. Explains everything to a tee, for myself.

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In the actual video on youtube, Dave’s asking him if the work is to get more flexibility in the toe, to which Frank answers “flexibility is great because there’s nothing there”. It’s more about the strength and getting everything else lined up in the foot, ankle, leg and hip…

So the progress that Frank is experiencing isn’t so much the toe itself, rather it’s in avoiding becoming debilitated in other areas as a reaction to the toe.

@Phunnypharm should watch the vid and clean up that swag I just threw out there…


The issue with a turf toe or other injury involving the big toe is that most of the body weight is transferred through the big toe during athletic activities.

Ironically…. I have been having significant pain and swelling of my hallux joint (where big tow meets foot) since the end of June.

It is miserable.

Frank’s comments allude to the fact that severe pain in the that joint can affect the way a person walks, let alone running.
If someone starts to compensate and walk with a different gait… that can lead to issues with the rest of the foot, the ankle, maybe the knee or hip, and even the back.

My ankle actually was swollen at one point this summer because I was walking so differently to avoid flexing my big toe.
My calf got sore. And some days… my lower back got sore.

I think that is why the trainers mentioned that the toe and foot are the “foundation” and the rest of the “house” can be affected by an injury to the foot.


He just needs visits from Calvin and Sims.

I actually think this article sells frank’s comments short a bit. They gave “prehab” for all their players. It may not be a coincidence that we have so few injuries.

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I loved this article….

  • leadership putting players health and mental status first
  • they hired new folks for that department and it seems to already be paying dividends…

Me wonder…. Is who made the call to “upgrade” that department with new blood!?

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It was a no brainer. This was the last guy…


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