How soon we forget

A lot of people are saying that Hock was a bad pick at #8. For the most part…I agree. But we forgot WHY he was drafted by Quinn. Our defense finished in the top ten, while our offense was in the bottom third of the league. Hock was supposed to help a putrid running game (that we still have). He was also supposed to be an added weapon in the passing game. KG and MJJr were already a good tandem. KJ was an up and coming RB. So the point is: Though I didn’t agree with the pick…I understand the logic. Hock was supposed to help a TE room that had nothing. It’s unfortunate, that we haven’t featured him and he’s dropped key passes.

I’m sure, if we all knew, that our defense would become an embarrassment…we would’ve made a different choice. Once again, it wasn’t far fetched to grab a supposed “playmaker” at the TE position. That is all. Please logical, not emotional responses, please.


Its not for us to know. It’s up to the GM and he failed hard. Most of us wanted a pass rusher or a stud LB or anything else over a TE. Now, we have no pass rush and our LBs outside of Kennard are horrid while the tight ends are pedestrian. It was a lose, lose, lose situation.


Its amazing to me that fanbase that killed Caldwell for not beating good teams wants to praise defense that was bad until running into 7 game stretch of bad quarterbacks last year and got into the top ten.

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Ok. Please elaborate and tell us what is your point.

I contend that I’d rather have Caldwell’s defense than getting drilled by 3 rookie QBs in two years. While also losing several games while having a lead. Wouldn’t you?

So true. I posted a lot over the summer that I didnt want to extend Snacks until he played in real games with the Lions. Not a handful of games against terrible or tanking teams. Our defensive improvement was a lot of fools gold.
Rookie QBs, backup RBs, tanking teams… But Quinn gave Snacks a bonus when he didnt need to, and he’s been very underwhelming.

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The defense getting into the top ten last year was all smoke and mirrors.

They weren’t a good defense down the stretch they just played horrible offenses and backup quarterbacks.

They were 26th in defensive dvoa last year and they are 27th this year.

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I agree. But the results are what matter. And that defense vs bad offenses had better results than this defense vs bad offenses.

Also, the original analysis was based on what the team needed at draft time. On offense, no one made plays. And that was against bad defenses too. At least, on defense, against bad offenses, we saw improvement. Wouldn’t you agree?

We can “understand the logic” for taking any player during the draft, if you talk yourself into it.
We could take a Punter in the first round and there’s “logic” in that. It’s still a horrible pick (Hock that is) and it was a reach to help fill the void that Quinn totally f-ing whiffed on the previous year.
Quinnhew needs to go!

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Most teams look better against worse opponents. The issue is, we o cr again reached for a low value position in the draft. We could have tried to sign any or all of James, Cook, Rudolph, Eifert. Or made a minor trade for someone. Instead we drafted 2 tight ends AND signed a free agent. Then reached on a niche LB and the rest of the draft was either useless or meh.
We threw 90 mill at Flowers, knowing he was damaged. Then he plays like crap till the season is over. TE was bad last year, but it’s not a position you cant win without. The Pat’s won the SB last year and I think they got like 3 TDs out of their tight ends. Like next to nothing all year. It’s the last position you fill on a team, but Quinn decided to go all in and build the franchise around Iowa’s 2nd best TE.

Rudolph was not a free agent. There was media discussion that Minnesota was considering Trading or even releasing him due to salary cap concerns and then they did a 180 and signed him to an extension


Caldwell would have won notably more with the same injuries and shit we had lol , I highly doubt it.
He can’t predict that or how refs decided to call games…the one thing Caldwell had going for him, he WAS a NFL HC before WITH experience over MP that had zip.

ahhh all the people dreaming “if we only had Caldwell” the man is FUC^ING HISTORY and GONE, get over it.

You’ve added absolutely nothing to this discussion. Thanks for nothing but sarcasm and insults. Great job :+1:t5:

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Martha should just set up some back channels to get Rudolph. Its her fault we didn’t land him, and we’d have many more wins if she pulled it off.

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You’re bordering Troll-like at this point…and just arguing to argue.

It’s not healthy!