How to stop Baker Mayfield?

I think this game is going to be tougher than many fans believe…and Baker Mayfield is a big reason why.

Baker has always been one of those top draft picks that I couldn’t quite understand why the results haven’t been as good as advertised.

He sure is having one heck of season and now him and his team stand in our way.

What rattles him, what gets him off his game?

I did some reading around and I found that many folks point at his accuarcy as an issue. I also found that he can get his energy up too much.

Here’s a snippet from the article below. It’s a quote from his QB coach.

“Mayfield’s biggest strength is he’s very smart. He understands the system. He has command of it. You know once he knows it very good, he’s going to execute it,” Lewis began.

“The thing that I just have to continue to work on him is because of his grit and his excitement, just to get him not to go as fast. Sometimes he goes super fast. And, you know, just to get him to be smooth and slow down a little bit because you can just twitch up. And smooth is fast, and not being herky jerky. That’s when he gets in trouble; he’s a little herky jerky. But when he’s smooth … I always just remind him, ‘Hey, remember, smooth is fast.’ When he’s smooth, he’s very unstoppable.”

How to stop Baker…

Hit him hard early and often.

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Do what they did the last time they played him and he threw for 206 yards and an INT at home while we were missing half our secondary.


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Two Edge Rushers! That’s how.


Blitz. Take out Evans .


I really think the home crowd is going to be a big big factor.

If the noise can cause false starts and communication issues, especially early…I think he could struggle with staying “smooth”.


Maybe I’m underestimating Baker but if our D just plays without giving up big plays and forcing the pass game
To beat us in short chunks we should be ok.

Baker killed 3 drives last week in FG range by holding ball for an eternity.

Stop run, generate some rush, no big pass plays and then count on offense for 24-32 points.

Put his car keys on the top shelf?

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I appreciate that Baker is not nearly as bad as advertised, but he’s also universes away from Matt.

Bottom line: if we beat Stafford, we can beat Baker.


And the Butcher and Candlestick Maker

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how do you stop Baker?

Put him on the Rams for the last game of last season

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Just steal Bakers smelling salts and he will crumble

should :wink:

I think they should be the scared ones, not the lions fans. I’ve got the lions in control of this game from start to finish. If Tampa doesn’t score first, they will most likely never have a lead.

cooking salts

Baker is really good when everything around him is perfect.

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