HUGE shift for #9 pick ODDS Bears

WR and Edge were consensus picks all draft cycle.

When odds shift this dramatically this late, it’s usually what is about to come

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I’m happy if they don’t take Latu. Although Murphy is a good player. Would like to see them go Jared Verse.

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I’m still betting Latu to be the pick.

2 Cali kids, rooming together traveling together. Would make the transition easier on both them I’d imagine.

Having that familiarity. That connection.

What were his odds before?

Verse was 6-1 from what I remember… Rome Odunze was favorite like 1.5-1

Murphy, Dallas Turner, Latu were 10-1

Latu dropped to 13-1 i started buying


def some smoke there it seems

And the smoke coming this late usually has some truth to it.


I almost trust Charlie Campbell more than I trust betting odds past the 5th pick, and he has them taking Latu as of yesterday.

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Betting on the draft seems rife for insider trading, lol.


That and individual player performances, a la that dude from the NBA.


I heard on the Podcast that Poles was overheard saying something like “If we get the chance to draft him, he’s a Bear” during a workout.

I mostly think that’s BS but I don’t get the sense that Poles has the most developed emotional regulation so it’s possible.

You know that’s going down for sure.

I just bet the mortgage on Al Bundy pick #29 i had a reliable source tell me

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