Hutch is Live now (gaming)


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He’s actually really good! Boy got some Rocket League skill!

I’m impressed - you can tell he’s put some hours into this game or he’s a quick learner.

I got to Champ I rank back in 2017. Been a few years since I played, but watching Hutch is giving me the itch to play again.

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His opponent is named JTnugent and kept bumping him.

Hutch says, “JTnugent is probably a Packers fan”

Wild. My boys play that.

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You ever whoop your boys on the sticks @LineBusy?

It’s a fun game, and very humbling when trying to play it for the first time.

Hutch is in the finals of a tournament right now…it’s very entertaining to watch!

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I haven’t played video games since NHL 97

Sega Genesis

Wayne Gretzky

Wrap around behind goal scores!


He’s not the only Lion who streams! Glasgow streams CS GO. I play with a couple friends every night, haven’t bumped into him yet though.


Goff has been streaming Hello Kitty Online since his freshman year at Cal.


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