I am predicting a Rams Lions match up in Detroit in January

Is this on a collision course to happen?
I think so. This is meant to be. STAFFORD going back to Detroit to face his old team.
Goff playing his old boss and team with his new jet fueled young offense.
Two jacked head coaches. Two young really talented teams.
The first playoff game at Ford Field

Woah !

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Interesting. Nobody else had discussed this.


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Stafford is on the Rams now?

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Stafford? Who is this…Stafford?

Interesting. I didn’t notice. I had just been so blinded by rage that some guy was keeping Carson Wentz off of the field.

Does he still throw right-handed?

I Soo look forward to this being the game. I love Stafford and am so thankful for his time here. Glad he has his ring, but it’s our time and I am excited for him to experience it first hand.
I would expect him to publicly share his desire for us to go all the way after we take down the Rams.

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As much as I would hate to play Stafford

I’d rather see them than Seattle

Seacocks have our #

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True. No seattle.

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Our history with them is so terrible. Something about Seattle and Baltimore.

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Rather see Seattle again. Third time’s a charm.

I’m pretty confident that Dan Campbell could drop Sean McVay like a sack of potatoes.

Can we just have coaches wrestle for the Lombardi? Vrabel won’t be in the playoffs. Should be easy.


Antonio Pierce might kick Dans ass

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The likelihood of us facing Seattle just went up if SF loses and needs to keep winning including against LA.

And of course if we don’t beat Dallas and Vikings and get to the number 2 seed.

Clayton Kershaw’s friend?

Yep. That chubby catcher with the cannon.

The guy that’s going to beat SF week 18 and give us a 1st round bye?!

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