I can't help think this team can compete for a SB

I think this is my response to SOL Trauma. Of course I’d love a super bowl but I would hate the SOL responses if we failed to win a super bowl this year. :joy: :crazy_face:
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I could see us getting tho the SB…winning it, we would have to have a world class run game to calm everyone down…it is possible, but tough, for sure.
SF & Eagles are the immediate concern, IMO. Gotta be able to bully them & they are not easy to bully.
…also consider the wear & tear put on your team by beating both of those teams in back to back weeks. Hope they have to play e/o before we face one of them. I think those are the 3 teams in the NFC

Then this handsome MF’r @stephenboyd57 nails it again!
I think we could very easily end up there by seasons end (last 8 games of season), but may not start out there…so top20-22 on paper, but top 15-ish by seasons end.

#3 offense
#15 defense over last 8-10 games of the season?
Something like that?

You are gonna be so happy this year, Laurella! Brad’n’ Dan have ya covered

It’s true, bro → we are not super-talented on the defenive side
Ya know what, I’m going to respond to you inxivixually, cuz I like this topic a lot.

I remember when we had a hot start under Marinellie one year. It made no sense to me, as it wasn’t passing the eye test. I told my friends it would not last. Why?
Cuz we were getting lucky with turnovers. Yes…some were being forced, but many were not. We were league leaders in turnovers over a stretch of games.

Know how our defense mostly improved last year?
…xifference is → this passes the eyeball test.
They line up to double team Hutch, we drop hutch back into the zone & he gets a pick (or 3). Smart, smart, SMART coaches…that are getting better.
This year, the system, continuity, talent, health, will all be improved
How much? Can’t know. For sure division winners. For sure playoff win, is what I see (home playoff game - HA!)
This is different than anything we have seen in the past & we have no frame of reference.
This offense has dropped 40 on the Eagles. If we can keep that sort of heat on all we need is decent.
With us being SO young, we will improve as the season goes on. I think Brad is setting us up to win long term as a MF’r.
The new vets are here to win now AS WELL AS train young’n’z

Can’t wait to see this thing play out, my man!
Not scared of ANYONE!
Let’s do this!!!

I think we utterly CRUSH that tier.
I have us in with as a very, very slight underdog to eagles & on par with SF’rz

LOL - Yup.
People are undervaluing the coach when they talk about roster & give most of the emphasis to that. Our coach is One. Bad. MF’r.

I don’t have us there yet, and I probably never will with Goff. I mean we lost to two of those teams and beat one. We’ve improved, but so have they (Ramsey for example).

But that’s semantics. I don’t think we’re anywhere near Philly or SF on overall talent but we could narrow the gap this year.

For sure → our roster is not on par with either of those rosters.
We have Coach Campbell & staff. That’s why our team is on par with their team.
It’s like every intangible goes to the Lions.
ST, unpredictability, getting more mistake free, etc. We win at the margins in a ton of ways. Ppl laugh when I talk about Fox. He is an absolute weapon.
We will create more turnovers this year, & some of it will be due to talent improvement, & some will b coaching.
We will get more steady & less erratic on defense too.
Our O is a juggernaut if healthy. I believe we improve our OL & rB rooms. HAHAHAHAHAH!

The first two are true of every team.

It’s the defense.

Last year, the offense ranked 4th of 32 teams in points scored and 4th in yds/game. Even with significant improvement over the second half of the season, the defense ranked 30th in points allowed and dead-last in yards/game on the season.

Show me the league’s 4th-best offense and 30th-ranked defense and my QB’s performance and OC’s play calling come nowhere close to making my top-4 list of concerns.

An even better offense? Awesome. And possible! Would love to see it. But massive improvement on the defensive side of the ball is pretty clearly what we need most.

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While I love MCDC and staff and wouldn’t trade them for anyone, Shanahan and co are also excellent. I would call the coaching a wash at best, and I think most everyone outside of Detroit would call that crazy. But there’s a reason the assistants (both coaches and GMs) keep getting hired from their to lead their own teams. It’s a model organization.

So I don’t quite share your level of optimism. Not for this season anyway. But we’re on the up and within a couple of years I do believe we could be a juggernaut, as long as we stay the course.

Love your entire post…especially this part. Since day 1, I have expected ppl to slip closer & closer to seeing what I see & I belive they will.

I am thankful to have you guys on this journey with me. So much fun. Appreciate your views & interaction, my bro

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We have a tough schedule this year. These guys need to ball out and show up, every game.
We know they can beat anyone. They just have to do it.
I really like our chances.
12-5 regular season.
Lions/9’ers Conference Finals.
Anything less is not a successful season.

That depends on injuries. Well I suppose it would still be an unsuccessful season, but if Goff goes down it would be shocking to make it that far.

Depends on if Hooker is healed up and ready, if that were to happen.
Having the best Oline in the league should minimize that risk.
God bless and protect Jared Goff!

If everything goes “normally” meaning there are no busts or season ending injuries, and they draft DL, and LB with the first 4 picks then the only thing holding them back from having an elite defense would be because they’re rookies/super young, but the ingredients are there for a long term elite defense.

If they sign a good vet WR then the offense is set. Goff, DMont, elite OL, St Brown, Jamo, and the others.

How can they not compete for a SB? Being young sure. But like I said the peices are there to compete long term as they gain experience, and get better.

What’s the other thing that can hold them back?

i will say it… Goff would be the one holding them back. Unfortunately, a top QB is needed to win. I will run for my life now.

Biggest thing they will need is luck, lucky breaks and health, then you can win with an avg to above avg QB as NFL history has shown more than once.

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If that was cocaine……

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