I’d be happy with this draft. Would you?

Using the mock draft simulator I got as follows

  1. Kingsley suamataia T byu
  2. Braden fiske DT fsu
  3. Xavier legette WR South Carolina
  4. Marshawn kneeland edge western Michigan
  5. Nehemiah Pritchett CB auburn
  6. Will reichard K Alabama

Plus the Patriots 2025 2nd round pick


I have 2nd round grades on your first 4 picks, so I like that but find it unrealistic without a lot of movement. Not really a fan of Prichett for the Lions - would rather see a more physical DB. Kicker is a need.

Really depends on what the Lions do with the rest of FA, but at this point I am thinking a safety has to be added in the draft, even if we sign one, for depth.

Isnt the BYU guy a true tackle? I dont see them going for a backup that high. I like Legette and Kneeland, thats about it.


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From what I’ve read he has a lot of athletic ability. He can absolutely move inside. Bonus being he’s Sewell’s cousin. I took him because he would give us tackle depth in case of injury. Decker is also in a contract year. If Detroit decides to move on they can switch Sewell to the left and Kingsley can move to right tackle.

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I wasn’t sure about Pritchett either. I took him because he’s a good athlete. It was a late round flyer. If he develops great. If not hopefully he could at least replace Lucas on special teams.

That kicker from Alabama was a must draft when he was there. He could solve our kicking problems for the next decade. He reminds me of prater.

Barton or Frazier

Ledger or Polk

Fiske, Ruke, or Carter

Jones, Phillips, Wallace

I like the S. Carolina WR, I draft him every time I do a mock. Would love to see him as a Lion next year

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I’m not really a fan of a kicker at #44:wink::face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::smirk:

If Jason Hansen was sitting there at 44 would you still pass? This kid is money from beyond 50. That’s a huge weapon in today’s game.

YES!!! Absolutely….

Analytics have coaches bypassing 50+ yard FGs more than they try them… even if they have a great kicker.

Kickoffs have been almost eliminated with new rules…
pllus Fox handles them for the Lions.

I am not picking a kicker 4 rounds earlier than necessary for a few long attempts per year.

Give me an OL or WR that help convert 3rd downs…

and then less long FGs attempts are necessary.


I am going to combine these 2 thoughts into a response. Just so that everyone is aware, we did draft Jason Hanson in the 2nd round. It was pick 56 overall. Second, we also were the team that signed Matt Prater out of college. We cut him because we still had Hanson 14 years after drafting him, and he was still going strong.