I’d we could add any 5 players from…

If we could add any 5 players from the 2023 nfl draft, and inset them right onto our depth chart for week1 of
2023…… WHO YOU GOT?

Let’s assume we resign Commish, Swaggy, Buggs and everyone else walks……

  1. J Carter
  2. Bijan Robinson
  3. B Branch
  4. C Gonzalez
  5. Drew Sanders

Honorable mentions to Q Johnston, P Skoronski, and C Kancey


No matter how unrealistic?

Carter, Anderson, Bryce, Bijan and Gonzales


Yup…. No matter how much.

I thought about Anderson, and while he’s a freak…. I don’t know how much more efficient of a flame thrower he can be than Houston.

If we bring back commish, that 2 BDE, Hutch and Da Problem rotation could easily eat up all 2,000 snaps.

I think of what Gardner-Johnson brings, and see that in Branch at 13M cheaper APY

I think we could very well end up with Gonzalez and either Bijan or Branch at #18….

I just can’t help but wonder what…

Gonzalez over Okudah, and thus Okudah over Jacobs

Bijan over Swaggy as starter

J Carter over Buggs

Branch over Elliott- better in coverage and missed 4 tackles in his career

D Sanders over AA (watching Queen and Roquan blitzing has me craving an athletic 100 tackle 5-7 sack LB

  • honorable mention of Skoronski over our revolving door at RG in 22’
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This is a good exercise from the Impact standpoint.

CB is our weakest position group, and sliding McHandsy and McGrabby (1983 Bullets homage) down a slot by adding a true Cover Corner is the biggest impact move in the draft (given that our edge pass rush is

fire flamethrower GIF by NOISEY

Next biggest is DT or long term RB solution, take your pick, followed by MLB and S.

We can solve ALL that stuff this offseason AND OL depth. 5 good beans and 1 big or two strong FA adds.

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In no particular order I’d go

Porter jr

If Bijan is the player you claim then he goes top 10. Maybe top 5.

Bijan Robinson - All Pro RB will have instant impact.

Devon Witherspoon - one of my faves at CB/Slot CB. I just love his aggression. Will need to run a good 40,

Jalen Carter - game changer for the middle of our defense and a true 3t that would really help out Hutch. This was the guy we needed IMO.

Jaxon Smith Njigba - I just like this guy. I heard some NFL teams had a third round grade on him and my jaw dropped. IMO he is WR1 in this draft. He’s got to check out medically, not that I’m too concerned. Ohio State basically built their offense around him for 22 only to see him get hurt the first game of the year vs ND. He is ridiculously athletic but if you read scouting reports sometimes they act like he isn’t. Its crazy. I think he’ll be a plug and play starter in the NFL. And I think he’s a Goff type WR with the way he can separate and YAC and be a jack of all trades. You can throw a quick screen to him. He can run intermediate routes. He has enough size to play outside. He’s a great blocker. Garrett Wilson said he thought he was so athletic until he met JSN and both Olave and Garrett Wilson said they think JSN is the best among them. That says something right there. Curious to see his long speed but not that concerned about it.

Anthony Richardson - I want Goff insurance. I have made no qualms about this in other posts. Richardson’s situation in Detroit would be perfect sitting behind Goff for at least a year. He has a super high ceiling, just needs to set his feet and get his lower body more consistent when throwing the football. I think his fault are correctable with good coaching.

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Id like to think a Witherspoon/Bijan 1st round is feasible…at least at this point in time

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