I don’t want lions to pick Hutchison

You guys are football gurus, I am not , I am not watching football I used to . But this is just an observation from a less intelligent guy . This Michigan when they play outside conference against power house teams looked silly and not prepared . I always felt in past many years that Michigan defense screwed them especially when Brown was the defensive coordinator , no aggression and blitzing at all . Again today defense can’t make gerogia punt . Hutchison jumping off side and good team offensive lineman is playing him well .I don’t think his college skills translate to nfl . To me he doesn’t look like a beast , I like like to move from the draft position and get multiple picks . Hutchison will be a mistake for lions

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Hutchinson got 3 sacks against NPF who’s going to be a second round pick. He got in our face all day and wrecked shit.

He is going to be very good.


If you don’t like the tape on Hutchison, don’t bother watching the tape on Tibby Dough. I’m in favor of trading down. I want as many picks as possible in the first 2 rounds of the next 2 drafts. Here lies the key to the lions being highly competitive in the next 2-7 years.

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As usual harbaugh looked less prepared when they don’t have the Michigan stadium advantage

back away from the ledge brother… Aidan is a beast and just turned 21yo in August.

UGA has made an effort to get the ball out of the QBs hand quickly… and they have talent at OT.

OLT Jamaree Salyer was a 5 star recruit… and is projected as a day 2 pick in 2022.

ORT Warren McClendon may be a 1st round pick in 2023


I think I’m one of the few on here that still leans towards KTibby.

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Tibby going to get his dough and then will be a no show.


Nah. Dude likes rushing the passer and is good at it. I get that he’s meh-ish otherwise but I think he can be a top 5-7 pass rusher in this league and we’ve had two or three seasons with that type of pass rusher in the three decades that I’ve been a fan.

I’m less convinced that Hutch is a pass rushing dynamo at the next level. Though I am certain he’s much more well rounded.

I’m happy with either one but if I get to choose gimme KT.

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If Georgia Qb is like micheal Vick I can understand . They don’t even have a plan against short Georgia qb says a lot . As I said this team defense is fraud in big games . Just hypnotized all , I feel bad for the passionate fans

Sitting at #2. We either take Hutch or Tib—whoever is left. I have a preference but either one is fine.

I’m close to that feeling as well.

We can have this conversation if by some miracle Jacksonville wins. Otherwise, it really doesn’t matter.

Not necessarily. They may take an OT. I hope Pickett’s hands grow by an inch between now and the combine and drive his stock up to #1 consideration.


The Fields of DE

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Agree. Hutchinson was a boy amongst men tonight.

Look at his build, frame, etc…

Looking slim.

He is a developmental.prospect…3rd rounder…

His muscle on his body…Is lacking

Maybe 2-3 years from now he is Trey Hendrickson…but Trey Hendrickson is his ceiling.

Elite players arent taken for 2-3 years down the line.

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Aiden will be fine. If he slips to 2 for us……I’m a happy dude.

Must of been that whooping 7 sacks he had .

Whoever take him round 1…

Showtime Lol GIF by Desus & Mero

Just get me that Dean guy!

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