I don't think Detroit is close to done in Free Agency... Here's why!

I also think CJGJ is more versatile. Slot, free, stong he can do all competently. Perhaps that ends up being true of Branch as well. :man_shrugging:

I really hadn’t thought much about this because I thought the the Lions wouldn’t be signing $10+ million AAV deals….

but they signed Sutton right away…. and didn’t have any buzz for CJGJ… :thinking:

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If you have both Sutton and CJGJ in the same secondary then you csn get very creative. I would imagine that would appeal to AG given his background.

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That why I went back the past 2 years where 111 attemps is a large sample size. That should cover all scenarios.

You mentioned that you thought he had better coverage skills.

Im giving you a reason why that might not be the case.

Typically you don’t want qbs to pass for damn near 70% against your corners.

Sutton is better on the outside than CJ would be.

I just really struggle thinking that we have the money to do it. Even Chark seemed like a stretch. I’d think this would be pricier.

Regardless of any other moves Sutton AND Moseley was way more than I thought we could accomplish in our secondary during FA. All three would be so incredibly far off my radar.

And three of my favorites to boot. I still think the Eagles dig in between enough couch cushions to bring him back.

Trade for Kevin Byard. 2x All-Pro Safety. I still think safety is a hole especially with Walker’s health concerns. 29 years old, can still play at an elite level for another four years.

What do you mean it covers all various scenarios? CJ is a unique defensive back. He’s used like a chess piece in the secondary. It’s very hard to find apples to apples scenarios.

Take this year with the Eagles. They were a QB sacking machine. Talk to any Eagles fan and they all lament Gannon’s passivity. Probably a lot of empty 3rd doen catches. Then the gsme script. Greet team. Big leads you know the drill.

I can’t even remember if I saw the 2021 Saints play a down.

Every time I’ve watched him play he’s a total pain in the ass. Plenty sticky. Physicsl at the catch point. And just a trash talking nasty ass dog. I think we meed some edge over there.

I’m fine with Branch at 18. I’m just not expectant of massive upside.

If we do not pick up the option on Okuda I think we will be taking a true outside CB at 18. Witherspoon, Gonzo, Porter or Banks. I think one of them will be there. I think Jacobs will be moving inside and I think Brad is doing fine to make us better this year but also has an eye on the future.

I still want two CBs fairly early. Assuming Okudah’s 5th year doesn’t get picked up then '24 CB fepth chart is lacking. Take advantage of the deep draft class.

I agree with the deep class of CBs and was surprised we signed 2 FAs. I was not expecting anyone and just hoping for some comp picks next year. I think you just take advantage of what the draft has available. With Chark gone I think we need another target. Well this draft has a super class of TEs and a very poor class of WRs. Next year is looking like an outstanding year for WRs. I would be ecstatic if we got Musgrave in the 2nd round. You have to draft players not positions.

So you are saying Brad is a total asshole then right? That is what you are saying by suggesting we cut Big V or Romeo now after FA money is spent. That would make Brad a shitty human being.

Well, technically he said “pay cuts” not outrighting cutting them.

With that said, it sounds like, from comments here and elsewhere, this option has been discussed with both players already so it won’t be a shock to them.

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Insiders say they are taking pay cuts. That makes sense. Cutting them now makes zero. I thought people were still suggesting out right cutting them. So i was a little harsh trying to exaggerate a point.

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Like I said, just a numbers guy

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Great call !!!


Still not done…

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I guess OP was pretty prophetic.

Dan Campbell loves life at 120mph- 6 Cups of coffee, extra shots of espresso, and a 12 pack watching MNF……

Brad Holmes us wearing the VILLAIN swag…. His old team won a SB after trading QBs with him… then he quickly turned us into a winning team, and the Rams ranked…

We have guys like Chark trying to come back, and CGJ wanting his “prove it deal” to be here!!!

  • I think we see Chark back and a Goff restructure and extension… or maybe 1 more defensive signing of note and then a QB at #6

They aren’t waiting - good for them