I don't want same old ways with team

For years we have chased wins an team just wasn’t good enough an then spent more money, just like a dog chasing his tail.

Bad with bad an spend to spend an final product is bad.

I see fans post here same old plan an if we are honest it will be same result.

I am for a new plan an stick to the plan. How well this season goes I don’t know but it will not likely be playoff team. I can handle that as a fan but we must stick with plan.
We have a lot of picks in 2022 an we have money for resigning or picking up players to improve.
Year Two I expect to see a playoff team or a team that is close to playoffs just maybe bad breaks or injuries slowed us down.

The next draft we again have 2 firsts an will still have money this years drafted players will be going into year 3 an 2022 draft into year 2
I expect playoffs an wins how far will depend on how players develop an if draft goes as we hope.
Just stay with the plan don’t give in to public pressure of fans wanting to spend or pick up players we don’t need for few years.

Going forward we should have a solid base of good players an continue to improve. We will lose some to FA thats going to happen but if we draft well that is main feeder system to maintain top team.

Just curious, does anyone here believe that the Lions front office actually asks the fans or community on who to draft or sign or that we have any say whatsoever?

I dont think we’ve lacked a plan per se, it’s just that the plan changes every few years because we hire bad GM’s and Head Coaches…and then we get rid of them every 3-4 years and there’s a new front office with new “visions” and philosophies.

Chase wins…… What does that mean to you and why is that an issue?

The goal of every team is to win as many games as possible. I think all 32 teams are chasing wins.

Personally I think the biggest issue is that we are always trying a new plan. We want to rebuild and tear down every few years and then start the cycle all over again. Let’s stop rebuilding and start building for a change.

Spen big money on players who are at end of there top playing ability…signing names to win a couple more games…Thats chasing wins…who cares if we win 6 or y or 8 if no playoffs…But Management says well we did sign this player or that player an bad breaks we just couldn’t get over the hump…heard it all Air chase wins an not build a team… Its been happening for years an years an fans bought into it

Fords never failed to spend money but the money spent never produced winning football…they chased the media hype on players an fans bought it…or they switched an paid big money for staff that never got it done who they in turned chased wins with poor players …

Thats what i mean the dog chases his tail always thinks he will get it…thats what Lions football has done for a long time chsed few extra wins to make fans happy or future look bright when really it wasn’t brighter.

I have been around long dam time an i know what i see an they have chased wins for years …do we want wins yes wins that get us to playoffs an a consistent winner…This has not happened an you dam well it has not…We have new Staff experienced an IMO pro the game an not on ego trips…We cleaned house i thank Fords for letting Holmes dump high priced not good anymore players…

We overall are young an GM sign over 12 one year deals …let best players play to get a longer deal…I like are draft an most talking heads also like are draft an they dam near choke saying it…

So don’t start on me asking what i mean by chasing wins you know dam well exactly what i mean… stay dam coarse an build a lasting team …what lion Fan cares if we win 4 or 6 games again an again what we want is 100% effort this season better coaching an development of the young players an look at next seasons draft with 11 picks an money in FA with a improved young deep base of talented players who want to win an get pay but like the game.


The Dead Cap Hits
Justin Coleman| $6,087,000
Desmond Trufant $6,000,000
Jesse James $4,287,000
Christian Jones $2,185,442
Chase Daniel $1,500,000
Danny Shelton $1,250,000

S Duron Harmon
S Jayron Kearse
T Halapoulivaati Vaitai over paid still with team for one more i think
This players cost dead cap this season or just never produced.
Thats chasing wins I will not judge them other than as Lions they never played up to what they were being paid.

I think most it was the pay check not the team an thats the face many on team took on. We may suck this season an odds right now say we will.
But I will be happy if i see a football team being coached an working hard to get the wins an staff coaching to get the wins.
You can think what you want Air an I will think what i want an I hope we don’t chase wins we go an get the wins by having a good solid team.
I don’t want a one season flash i want to see us consistently win an threaten championships an just maybe a SB.

With a Cap its hard to do but if we avoid the shiny signings an even draft picks we will IMO reach what i think Fans want in a team.

You may like the big names to talk about an then like in past years make excuses for failing. I won’t players who pay yes for the pay but also because the love the game an there team mates.

Yes when you close an just need couple of players to maybe push the team to the top then you get them an they will play hard because the rest of team plays hard all the time.

The Dog never gets his tail he just quits an gets tired I don’t want that on Lions.