I felt bad for the bills fans to clean their stadium

Billion dollar NFL don’t have staffs to clean bills stadium ? I feel bad for bills fans,I saw one 3 year old cleaning ,that’s child labor :rofl:. Roger goodell should bring his own buckets and mop to clean the bill stadium

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You leave me endlessly fascinated and frustrated with each post.


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Like what is he going to do with a mop??

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Agree… (that’s twice in one day) Goodell is a Monster!

Thought I read the Bills were paying $20/hr. for volunteers.

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I bet they had a great time.


Yeah the shovel brigade gets paid pretty good for shoveling snow.
I wouldn’t have liked sitting there for 3 hrs getting snow thrown in my face in those temps though.
Getting wet in those temps is not smart.

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I have some…ideas…

I just filed a child labor lawsuit against the NFL and the Bills.

Thx for the heads up espnbaby :joy::joy:

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