I have a good feeling about Denver game, and I shouldn't

Had a bad feeling about yesterday and it came to fruition.

Have the opposite feeling about Saturday night.

Pride is very much on the line, and I think they respond.

How are you feeling?


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Really confident. I think we match up really well with Denver

I’m feeling like I need to tell you people that Denver and Minny are not easy outs.

These teams represent a serious challenge. And the fact that I’m going to be laughed at by others here for mentioning Minny is exactly why I feel this is worth saying. NOBODY should feel good or at ease about any remaining game on the schedule. A week 18 win could very well be the next and last victory you see in the 2023 season. You all need to brace yourselves for a ride that is already proving itself to be VERY bumpy.


Back at home in a dome and I feel good as well. On offense they really don’t have a true star. Sutton is probably more of a #2 at this point and Jeudy hasn’t done a whole lot. Williams/Perine are a very mediocre pair at RB. Their OLine is solid but not spectacular, but with the current state of our pass rush they may hold
Is in check.

Russell Wilson is the big X Factor. If he has a good game and utilizes his legs, I think we are in for a dogfight.

On defense, they are clearly much improved from earlier in the season, but we should be able to move the ball well being back in the dome.

I’m expecting like a 31-21 type of game.

No turn overs and I think we win convincingly.

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I think we can beat anyone if we take care of the football. 10 turnovers in the last 4 games is a recipe for pain.

Clean that shit up and run the ball down the Broncos throats


I shouldn’t admit this but I bet against the Lions yesterday.

I thought the weather would be bad and the Bears were coming off a bye.

It’s a short week and the Broncos are losing time and are playing their 3 straight road game. In the gambling world that’s a big factor.

I think we win and the defense plays better but I’m not sure the offense gets cleaned up because the one thing the Broncos do well defensively is take away the ball.

I think it’s another win we are mad about

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The only game that has truly surprised me was the Packers on thanksgiving. I really thought we would be ready to play. I had a bad feeling about both Chicago games. Division games are always tough and Fields is a terrible matchup for us.


Honestly I don’t feel good at all about it. Payton has them playing well and they have an all pro qb at the helm. there has been no trend I’ve seen over the last month to make me think we ‘all of a sudden’ turn it around.

close game? maybe. But probably a loss.

You are far too pessimistic IMO but we shall see.

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Lions to me yesterday. Hopefully not on Saturday.

I told my father I guarantee we don’t lose next Sunday…he said you sure are confident and walked away.

He’s yet to find out the game is Saturday. Lol I’ll tell him soon enough.





My confidence level is not very high at the moment. I think Denver is a tougher opponent than Minny.

Some of my worry is likely ingrained in my brain from decades of being a fan of this team.

One game at a time for sure now. GO Lions!


At the very start of the game, I pointed at the game and said to my buddy, “they’re going to lose that game.”

I truly believed it, too. Yesterday was just a “bad feeling” as Nate said. First time I’ve had said feeling in almost two years. So now, normalcy has returned. This is my team. Go handle business Saturday.

If I have any concerns, it’s that if MCDC or AG are thinking it, Sean has probably thought it first. Ben Johnson however, has never worked for Payton. He might be the wildcard.


@jthom19802, very well said bud. Agreed 100%

I do too. I think its gonna be a mental reset in practice and a strong showing at home.

Gonna need to be, as that Dallas game looks rough right now and I don’t want to have to count on sweeping Minny, even though I think we will.

If we limit mistakes against Minny and Denver we will beat them. Unfortunately both are good at forcing mistakes.