I have a need for a

I have a need.
I have a need for a feed.
I have a need for a feed with speed.

Adrian, youโ€™re hosting a connection party, right?

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LOL. Iโ€™m really glad you said something, because I forgot all about the game!

Yes, if anyone needs a game feed, I know where to find them, and which ones work better than the others, so keep your eyes peeled. Otherwise, send me a PM a day or two beforehand so I can make sure to put you on the list.


I went to Reddit and I did not see a Lions feed yet.
Thatโ€™s why I am pinging you.

Just found one there.


New Helmet Design?

Thatโ€™s buffstreams, I highly recommend trying to stay with his link the whole season.

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