I hope everyone knows …

Just making the playoffs with this roster would be a drastic underachievement.

This team is built to win at least one.

And while we can celebrate, let’s not forget accountability.


Fair point. Making the playoffs is still an accomplishment though. Especially for a young team like we have.

I personally expect us to win our home playoff game this year too, but if we don’t it shouldn’t take away from what we accomplished in a playoff appearance. It’s not like we’re celebrating doing nothing again.


I assume this post is targeted at someone or a few people in the organization in particular. I am reading it like “you can stay if we win a playoff game. Otherwise you need to be replaced.”

As my Daddy used to say: Gotta crawl before you can walk.


Anything short of a playoff win is a disappointment. And really really want it to happen at Ford Field. The only exception will be if we have some crazy ass injury situation……and even then we should be prepared for anything.


If we win the division and lose a playoff game I won’t be disappointed. Especially if that team wins the SB.

It really comes down to who you have to play against.

However I agree with Nate that the bar is high and the excuse that the team lacks talent isn’t a legitimate excuse anymore. This team has enough talent to win a playoff game.


As far as I’m concerned we won our championship game last year.

This year it’s time to win a division title and playoff game…or two.


I also don’t want to here in the first couple weeks of the season that AG has no talent on the defensive side. Anything short of a top 20 ranked defense is a failure at this point.


I suspect Fox will help AG fill his deficiencies.

From what I hear Fox will be heavily involved and will take enough off AG’s shoulders where AG can concentrate on coaching the back end of the defense.


I like it.


I always wondered how teams could make the playoffs and win in year three of a rebuild

Now I know. We’re one of those teams the Lions could never be


Give me playoff winS!!! Yes winS with an S.

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Wow! Fox is truly amazing.

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If we remain “reasonably healthy,” then this team should win on the first week of playoffs or have a bye. After that, you are in the grand dance. That is where we need to be for a successful season imo.

This assumes a good draft. Not a great draft, but a good one.


I’ve seen Lions playoff losses.

This team, if healthy, should win at least one. And if they don’t, it might be the worst playoff loss in terms of heartbreak of my life. Even more so than Dallas.

If they do in fact win one, I’m gravy for this year. Disappointed if they don’t win the second? Sure, but overall a successful season in my eyes (other than the fact that yes, I know, the ultimate goal is win the Super Bowl or bust).

Especially considering we all expected three years and THEN be competitive. They are a year ahead of schedule. Win 1 playoff game and it’s house money after that for me.


I think they’ve been holding off on this by design…to get higher craft capital.
Now that we’re winning enough games where it doesn’t matter as much, the talks of fully unleashing Fox’s potential are escalating.

Gentlemen…shit is about to get very, very real.
…& oh yeah…then there’s
-Better health
-Good Luck Baby
-Ben from day 1 (& an entire offseason)
-& the new drafted rooks.

SO excited

Am I remembering that right? Fox was a un drafted FA? WTH???
& we thought Kurt Warner was a story?

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This is my “Hope”!

We win it all!!

Reality is we have no clue with the future…. God please forbid it but if say Goff goes down with an injury, then what?

Keeping it as real as I can, get through preseason without injuries and win the opening game!!

What, backing into a wildcard game due to a few other teams losing, only to go to Seattle and get jailsexed isnt good enough?! Man, expectations are highhh around here!


Nothing wrong with having high expectations. It’s year 3 and history has proven that year 3 is the measuring stick for coaching staff success.

Either they make it happen by year 3 or odds are they never will be able too.

Lions fans have had low expectations for far too long.


I don’t think expectations should be anything other than winning the division.

If we can do that then everything else is possible.

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