I just heard MP is 2-13 against the NFC North Teams

WTH!!! Is that true? Teams in our division beat us 87% of the time under this guy?

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Adding more fuel to the fire, MP has never beaten the Bears. That is about as sad as it gets.


Patty’s just setting them all up. He’s got the black and blue division right where he wants them. Give him 4 to 5 more seasons.

He’s 13-28-1. He’s sucked against almost everyone.

You’re getting into the sun setting in Libra while the moon rises in Virgo to find something positive.


not to boost MP at all, but it would take like 15-20 years of sweeping our division mates for us to draw to an even .500 against them all time. So, it’s not just MP, it’s the Lions in general.

Yeah man… not too good. I admit I was also a little blown away when I heard that (though not surprised). Not trying to bring the whole Caldwell/Patricia thing back here, but, one thing caldwell did was play pretty darn well within the division. If a team can at least break even and then sweep a couple division opponents, that’s a pretty big boost to your season. The whole “we own the bears” mantra or hashtag or whatever it was started during the caldwell era.

Not that Patricia has beaten much of anyone, but, I think the division record is probably the worst part of his tenure.

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Let this stat sink in…Rod Marinelli won more divisional games than Patricia has…and Rod had a year where he literally didn’t win ANY games. :rofl:

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So. Much. Ouch.

Stafford had a winning record against all of the other teams in the division for the 5 years prior.

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Bactine by the bucket for Mr. Multiple

So did Caldwell.

During Caldwell’s years no other NFCN team had more divisional wins.

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I don’t know about division record offhand (I do know that Caldwell had a winning record though) but 36-28 the four seasons before Patricia and 13-28 since so it’s not just the Lions in general. It’s MP, and BQ.