I know, I know... preseason fluff

But man, I really like the idea of these 2 playing together for us! How fun would it be if they both end up excelling, playing together for the next 4 years! McNeill pushing the pocket, Levi penetrating…

“Oh yeah. I already love the dude (McNeill) as a person, real good guy,” Onwuzurike said. “Football-wise, I think he’s just gonna be wrecking shop. We were just hitting the bags today. This dude was almost tearing the bag off the little post. I think we’re going to do some damage. We’re going to push guys back. We’re going to mess up offensive schemes. It’ll be a great duo.”

“Yeah, definitely a dominant guy. He’s a clown, too,” McNeill said as Onwuzurike popped his head into the Zoom frame. “Yeah, definitely a dominant guy, gets off the ball, good finesse. I think when we play beside each other, we’re going to be able to complement each other a lot, be able to make a lot of plays and wreak havoc in backfields.”

They sound like a fun duo to watch. And I get it, they haven’t even put pads on yet against NFL talent, but it’s the pre-preseason and the Kool Aid is flowing!!


I love the enthusiasm! But at the same time, I think they need to feel what its like to take on a real NFL offensive lineman first. I do think that our OL being so strong will help our DL get prepared. I will never forget when Steve Hutchinson said it happened to him in reverse. He said he came in as a rookie and John Randle kicked his ass all day long. Steve said he started to wonder if he could even play in the NFL. Then the games started, and he said normal DL were alot easier to block than John Randle…so it was off to the races after that!

I honestly think this is why Larry Warford developed so quickly. Suh, Fairley and Mosely probably had that kid thinking the same thing.


I can’t wait to see them develop alongside each other over the next couple years. It’s going to be a fun journey for them, and hopefully a very successful one for all of us.

That’s pretty funny - apparently plays with a lot of energy!

It’s currently the only season we got…so let’s enjoy the fluff.


Yeah, I live off of cottoncandy like that this time of year. It may be fluff and the truth will be told in 4 months. But those two guys mentored by and tearing it up with Brockers is the most direct route to fielding a solid defense in year one, so feed me that sugar and pink dye No.4.


Shelf stable Kool-Aid

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I thought he was saying he was leaching off some stripper named Cotton Candy. I was thinking “you probably shouldn’t brag about that bro.”

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This is a good point. Going to be some fun 1 on 1’s in training camp. Sewell vs the Okwara boys and Flowers. The young DT’s vs Ragnow, Jonah and Big V. Should really help the young players development.

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You’ve got me thinking of how practice must have been last year.

Patricia: “Okay Julian, I want you to fire out of your stance and put your hands on Big V.”

Okwara: “I’ve got it coach. So now what do I do?”

Patricia: “That’s it, just stand there and do that…mission accomplished.”

Okwara: “Wait…what?”

Big V: “Can you teach our opponents this technique for gamedays?”


Haha that sums it up pretty good. Why push the pocket and attack the QB when you could stand there playing patty cake with the o-lineman.

Here’s Big V and Tavai going at it in training camp last year.

Awkward Season 9 GIF by The Office

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The Office Thats GIF

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Excellent stuff all the way around, bro. Loved those stories and completely see the possibility of it here too. Warford vs Suh…oh my!

That’s hilarious! Now I guess we are adding to our nicknames and memes for Patricia. Now he’s Fatty Matty Pattycake.

patty cake dog GIF

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I’d be perfectly happy if they became the new generation Jerry Ball and Luther Elliss.


How did no one on this board want two new shiny DT’s in the draft?

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The mantra that we have to find out if Goff is the Future focused most of the Den on WR talent in the draft. Also the thought was that this interior D-Line class was weak, so we should reap the falling OT and WR talent in a deep class.

Brad Holmes and the Honey Badger didn’t care and happily took Levi when he slid a bit, then Alim when the Eagles got greedy. Drafting Sewell at #7, which seemed unlikely until a few days before draft day, made that easier to do.


I just wanted the first one we took. But if they wanted a NT with more juice than Penisini too, welp… welcome to the D Mr. McNeill.


Key phrase. We all went along with the mantra. Looking back, the discussion was WR, OT, LB and/or DB’s in the early rounds unless we went QB (edit - OK Natty’s RB too). But the staff’s selections just seem to make so much sense, especially if St. Brown and Barnes pan out.