I like Fells

But the man is 35 and it’s a 17 game season. We’ve had all sorts of feel good stories about UDFA TE’s but the reality is we have no depth and after this season we may need 2. Really hoping they have something in mind because going into the season with what we got is going to show up and probably sooner than later.

I thought I read the Lions have used Cabinda as a kinda sorta Swiss army knife TE. Maybe they pick up some other team’s TE cut?

I don’t see how they go into the season w/o a vet cut from another team.

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While I do believe TE3 is not on the roster, I don’t think it has to be a vet. The Lions could get a rookie who gets cut just as easy. Really depends on what the plan for the position is after WR looked at and addressed.

Fells is a solid pro, and a decent TE #2, he’s going to play a lot, probably 30-40% of the snaps. I’m expecting a lot of double TE formations in Lynn’s offense. But, he’s also 35 years old.

The TE depth is a clear roster weakness, but so is LB depth and safety depth. It’s the NFL you are never going to be loaded at every position. Hopefully Alize Mack proves us all wrong.

I’m comfortable having faith that Dan Campbell won’t leave us competely hanging at the TE position.

I think you only need to find a blocking TE3. If both your good/star pass catching tight ends go down, at that point you just need to change the offensive scheme to rely more on the WRs. It’s going to be impossible to find a TE3 that’s going to fill Hock or Fells shoes.

Eek. Bad timing for this post. Fells having a baaaddd first half.

I like Fells as well and think he shouldn’t even be playing in PS now.

If he’s not cemented in as our 2nd TE and doesn’t know what he’s doing by the age of 35, i have some questions for our coaching staff.