I like MattyPatty as coach...BUT

what the heck was the review on that 2nd down for?? I mean…why? it wasn’t a 3rd down going to a 4th? I wonder if he got lost in what down it was?


agreed. I dunno, I am going to try and not nitpick him because overall I like him alot and believe in what he is trying to do in Detroit. I wish he would have challenged the PI in the endzone 2 plays before the KJ fumble. That was more egregious then the PI flyer he took in the eagles game and DA. I truly believe we will achieve all the hopes we have for this franchise with him as head coach. If we don’t maybe i finally give up on the Lions.

Yeah, it was very odd. All I can think of is he has someone upstairs barking at him thru the headset, telling him they got a bad spot and he reacted.

Ultimately, it’s still his call, and it was a bad challenge, but don’t coaches generally have someone who has a good look at replay, buzzing down to them to either challenge or not? Based on the early returns this year, I would say, if this is the case, then that dude needs to get broomed.

Based on the NFL officials being hot, steaming dog shit, the challenge flags need to be treated like gold. It’s worth paying someone well into 6 figures just to be on top of stuff like this and be hired solely as a replay/challenge assistant.

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are you the poster : Sheepshank ? from the past days of The Den?

si. does this mean you love or hate me now? :grinning:


Never thought of this, but …YES!

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nah bro , I was just wondering bc the user handle was so similar.

I had the radio on at the moment of the replay so didn’t see the play but immediately thought, we will take such risks if it means getting a first down. Every first down vs a team like KC is super crucial.

I can’t remember the exact details but there was another play Patricia should have reviewed that was much more important but he didn’t.

He is going to have growing pains…What burns my ass the most is the 4th & 8 call on Defense, now we have a D Coordinator but Patricia has to have a say and to not spy Mahomes in that situation was horrible . We did not spy Rivers and he did the same shit but Rivers is Rivers and Mahomes can run . That one play was a win the game play and not treated as such by the call . The calls and no calls in yesterdays game has left a real bad taste in my mouth and it’s not going away any time soon .

THought I read Jones was supposed to spy but he didn’t??

I think it’s just hard to take everything away against a team with so many weapons. They had Kelce doubled up which makes sense. Hindsight, ya we should have had a spy but if we did Kelce might have beat the man coverage for the first anyways.

True …but when you are burned in the very same situation twice in a 4 game span and the tape showed when in this situation before we manned up and rushed 3 …it speaks to not adapting . Mahomes waited until he saw the DB’s/LB’s backs and took off and no one knew he was running until it was to late .