I LOVE How This Draft Looks Rd. 1

A bit of optimism from me. Many are looking at the opportunity cost of a guy we might MISS on or they are focused in on a favorite player. I am throwing out this post as I don’t remember a top ten or so that I liked so much. If we get Chase Young or CB Okudah I am really happy. If we land the top OT I get that pick. If we trade back and we land say DT D. Brown I also like that strategy (with a deeper trade back). And hell, if somehow we go QB I am not as immediately happy but I would also love that as I get why that is important. Simmons would also put a smile on my face as I get why he is an attractive piece for a defense.

These are ALL options I am happy with. Land Okudah and that secondary looks as good as I have seen in 20 years. Add Chase Young and that is straight exciting. Land a top OT and the OL has options and talent making me happy. And so on.

In years past,m with a deeper pick or heck, even with a high pick I fretted about guys I didn’t like. For example last year I wanted Josh Allen in a bad way and I didn’t want a TE. I was worried about how we would use Oliver but would have welcomed that pick.

In 2018 I really wanted Tremaine Edmunds. And past that I wasn’t crazy about anyone. In 2010 I was happy with that top ten too and I liked Suh and McCoy so I guess that draft top ten is somewhat how I see 2020. In 2008 Cherilus disappointed me as I liked so many guys more than that. In 2007 I like Calvin, Peterson and even Joe Thomas but I really didn’t want Gaines Adams. I also LOVED LBer Patrica Willis.

In 2020…I am really happy with all available options. And if we can get a substantial piece to trade down I am even happier with that. It is easy to start focusing in player warts and losing out on a guy but the Lions will simply be better with any of those guys added to this roster. There are a TON of different draft strategies that can help this club meaning one player is not in fact critical. Give me any of Chase, Okudah, an OT, a DT (doesn’t even have to be Brown) or even a QB early, esp. if we trade back and get value. I am even fine with Simmons as I see his talent. If we use him correctly.

I wanted to help focus the debate leading up to the next 21 days before the draft. With nothing else happening this debate is a great way to waste time!

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LOL. There were two of us over at the old Den who were founding members of the ABA—Anybody But Adams. Just remembered—GreggyJ was the other one.

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I’m on the same page w/you, with exception of the QB scenario (unless we find out Matt is more injured than I think he is).

If we go OT, I’d like to get a high round RB to round out the offense.

I feel like Young could potentially improve the secondary as much as, if not more than, Okudah. Side note - l love how Okudah shows up as a human. The dude is a good person, and a very centered masculine energy that would provide some great leadership in the locker room, and most likely, on the field. Young may need a lot more emotional intelligence (yes, that translates to the football field).

I most like the double trade-down, where we end up with Brown, Jeudy, or a top OT AND RB. The goal there would be for a top 5 O, with a middle of the road D

p.s. Can’t wait to see the impact the new DC does/doesn’t have on the team.

Holy shit, I hope they don’t cancel the season.

Chase Young = Yes!
Okudah = NO!
Brown = NO!
Wirfs = Yes!

I really don’t want anything to do with Okudah or Brown.


I am with you MyLions, I really do not see a bad choice for the Lions except if they move too far back (10 or later). I could see the Lions going with any of the projected players that have been associated to them and there is not one that I would really have an issue with.