I’m a big josh reynolds fan butttt?

Love the guy , hope we resign him but he killed us today with those two big drops . The forth down drop he makes that catch that would have completely broke sanfrans back . And the third down drop broke our back . Great year great team and a great forum


KILLED us. To me those were much bigger plays than any of Dan’s decisions that everyone is bitching about. Especially the first drop.


Yeah, he knows he had two very costly plays.
He’ll be back
I like him being on the team


He’s been clutch all year. Can’t imagine how he’s feeling right now.

I stayed offline the 2nd half and expected to see a lot of bitching about his calls getting back online. I’m so relieved to see denizens posting how they understand where the aggressive calls came from. Very much relieved to see that here.


Killed us

Gibbs fumble too

Jamo had 2 shoulda had 3


I love Reynolds. Wouldn’t be here without him.


And Gibbs.


But if Reynolds makes the 4th down conversion I genuinely think we are celebrating going to the Super Bowl. It was THAT big.


Jamo’s non-catch with the contact, I’m not going to sweat that too much. He definitely needs to work on playing through contact, though.

Reynolds and the Gibbs fumble. Ooph.


Nate completely agree josh makes that catch lions score a TD imho game over San Fran sprite would be completely broken.

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Yep. We’d held them to 3 the first drive, if he catches that we’re in FG range and moving again. We needed something to kill their momentum before it got started, and that was it.

Ironically that’s what gave them the momentum

That and then doink catch. Then fumble

From 4th and 2 to them scoring 14 in like 60 seconds


I took a perfect 2nd half storm for the 49ers to defeat us. The reception off Vildors face. Reynolds drops Gibbs fumble. And if we could have only stopped Purdy from being Jim frikking Thorpe. What I learned is we can play with anyone. Lions are here to stay for awhile.


I think if he wasn’t grabbed at the beginning of his route he does catch that TD.

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He was laughing on the sidelines after the 4th down drop.

So apparently he feels pretty good

I can forgive the drops. I can’t forgive him thinking that it’s hilarious.

F Him

Cut him

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Didn’t notice that. Not a good look

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Yeah, that wouldn’t be a good look.

Reynolds is gone.

Look at how Brad dealt with Swift and Jamaal.

They will bring in a replacement. Confident they can upgrade. No small task, Josh was great this year. But if you can’t be counted on in the biggest moments, sorry…


I saw that and was pissed. Such a clown show from the Lions in the 2nd half. One that hasn’t been mentioned much, Fox nailed a punt and we should have had them down inside the 2 yard line. Just a bunch of idiots out there. Low IQ football.


The momentum shifted and we had no one to stop the bleeding

Except Jack ■■■■■■■ Fox

80 yard punt was rolling backwards from the 1

Chase Lucas grabs it and Carrie’s it into the end zone



Tough play to make. Close but no cigar.