I’m gonna list Team-Leading Lions STAR Players

…I’ve seen, over the past 45 years: here goes…

There has been individuals who had leadership capabilities (Jerry Ball, Spielman, Raiola, etc)…but were not the stars of the team.

The closest was Billy Sims (remember him slamming those Gatorade cups??)…but the top-four star players since then (Barry, Calvin, Suh, Stafford) were variably soft-spoken guys.

They’ve never had a Mike Singletary, a TJ Watt, a Ray Lewis - not to mention a Brady or Rodgers…

They never had a STAR player who DEMANDED the team’s BEST performance.

That ‘COULD’ be a factor in this menial Lions-Culture, where they’ve never been able to establish a true identity…

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Maybe that’s why when we get a hard nosed HC, like now, the media, the fans, and even maybe the players freak out about things being too hard and losing the locker room. Personally I think it’s time we actually had an instigator on this team. Whether it be super cocky like Mayfield, hold people accountable like Brady, or even loud like Dez. In sick if having a country club team


100%! Is there anyone on this team that is serious about wanting and EXPECTING a Super Bowl ring?
Maybe Snacks? Give him the Mic. Make him the face of the franchise!