I’m on the Mitchell Train

If Laporta can’t go, I fully expect there to be a little drop off when we turn to James Mitchell. He is a smooth runner who can get out of his breaks, get YAC, has decent hands, and is a willing blocker. This former fourth rounder is no slouch (Don’t sell yourself short, you’re a tremendous slouch). We’ve seen it from many other players Brad has drafted or signed as free agents…they get better and step up when needed to fill roles. The coaching staff deserves kudos as well for keeping these guys ready. We’re ready all right. Let’s Rock.


If LaPorta doesn’t play, the over/under on Mitchell catches is two.


Towards the end of last season, I thought Mitchell was turning into a pretty good player. He had a chance to be TE1 this year.

I even recall TE wasn’t a top need on our draft board. But of course after the draft everyone forgot about him.


I’m going to predict Mitchell will have at least 5 catches for 60 yards and a TD this Sunday


If he was all that we never would have drafted Laporta, there is a reason he has been on the field much. He has some tools , but so far have been able to put it together. That train might look like this.
trainwreck GIF


Mitchell has never had more than 2 catches in a game and has only two catches all season.

A month ago you could’ve said the same about Iffy. Many did. I don’t know why it’s so hard to comprehend that players can and do get better. Brad and Dan have no problem cutting players who are not performing. Yet, Mitchell is still here.


That is very true


I agree with you 100%. I feel like a lot of people are discounting Mitchell way too fast because of how good LaPorta has been. Many forget that Mitchell was a projected Top-100 draft pick before he tore his ACL 2 games into his final season at Georgia Tech.

The guy is big, has good movement, solid hands, and is decent in the run game. If LaPorta can’t go (let’s hope he can), I think Mitchell is going to make a name for himself on the biggest stage.


If he can fill in how Isaiah Likely has filled in for Baltimore we will be just fine.

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I actually think Brock Wright will be the primary TE option.


Me too, and I have zero issues with this for this game. We have 25 plus points in 7 of the 10 games when we had Mitchell, Wright and Zylstra as our guys….

Wright has 38 targets with 31 catches for 307 yards and 5 TDs in 22-23’

Mitchell has just 13 targets but 13 catches and 141 yards and a Tud since last year…

Overall that is 51 targets for 44 catches and 448 yards and 5 TDs…

Laporta- 120 targets for 86 catches and 889 yards with 10 TDs…

  • the run rate of target efficiency is every bit as good, and since we went 8-2 last year without Hock or Sam, it’s hard to say it will have major impact?

  • Raymond is another one… 108 targets for 84 catches and 1105 yards the last 2 years.

  • Reynolds is far more productive per target than Jamo too

  • Ra had 1500 plus yards on 164 targets…

  • Jamo has 51 targets for 24 catches and 395 yards and 3 TDs…. More TDs, but far less efficient per target-

Anyone can feel free to “pick on stats” but truth is that Goff is a surgeon when targeting Reynolds, Wright, Leaf, St Brown, DJ Chark (52
Targets and 502 yards in 22’) Mitchell…… each is well over 8.8 yards to target, some close or over 10!!!

Gibbs is sub 4.8, Laporta and Jamo are sub 7.8

FWIW- Gurley was north of 8 yards per target
With Goff as his QB too…B cooks was over 10, and Woods, Higbee, and Kupp were both over 9!!!

Back in Rams days, Josh R was closer to that 7.9 yards per target as a young WR too…


The data is pretty compelling that JG likes to throw to “spots” and he is damn good at it…. If the OL doesn’t hold up, or his guys don’t get to the right spots? He’s not very effective… if they do? He’s a top 2-5 passer in the NFL now proven by top 5 offenses in 4 of last 7 years.

Run the ball, don’t tip plays, and don’t take unnecessary risks. Let the D know we expect them to hold Matt under 24, and believe they can.

Let Goff know that 250 and a pair of TDs with no turnovers, wins the game…. I see a 5 yard play action to Monty, and flip to Mitchell or Wright TD, and a 30 yarder to Jamo….get 80 yards on ground to Monty and 65 to Gibbs and get one in end zone. Money Badger goes 3-3

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I’m with you. I think he surprises most. This cat is a nice hidden talent.


Mitchell caught a less than perfect pass last week, the kind of thing that should get you more chances.


I hope you all are right on Mitchell, we need him to step up. Im not sure why many think he is ready to step up tho. Because no opportunities previously with LaPorta in there? Now the opportunity, but why wasnt he utilized last year or this year? We coulda used him in numerous situations.


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Wasn’t he recovering from an ACL injury last year?


That would be former 5th rounder, pick #177 in the 2022 draft. He fell because of an ACL injury in his final season at Virginia Tech.


Thanks for the correction.

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