I’m on the Record… I encourage everyone to as well

Fair enough.

My point was Jermaine Johnson at 7M, KW3 at 1.8M, and a 4th rd TE would benefit this team more than THibz.

Well, maybe but KW3 would be a very large waste of that pick IMO. No problem with Johnson and there will be some very good TE’s available in the 4th. We are running back by committee and KW3 needs to be a lead back with 20 plus carries a game to be effective. Same is true for Hall with re to carries. There is no way he would walk in and be a 3 down back for this team. We need a Riddick type, someone who can pass block, run and catch if and when Swift goes down. What happened when we got Decker back? Swift is going to have a very good year this year, he just turned 23 in January. Williams is perfect as a complimentary back, led the team with 42 first downs last season.

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This thread hates Charles Harris…

We have a far better chance of re-signing him than getting a DE FA ton sgn here.


I agree with that, and especially if we stay in a 3-4… I think we are 1 Edge Rusher, 1 Edge Setting Monster, 2 LBs, and a star free safety away from a top 10 defense…

                       Levi O/Brockers           Alim McNeill/Penisini       D Wyatt
  • Right now I simply have #32 overall allocated to drafting D Wyatt or Travis Jones to get us 4-5 sacks from the interior. We hope that Levi comes along and puts Brockers on the bench in more of a player coach role for one more year of brutal contract.

    Charles Harris/Bryant D Lloyd/?? D Barnes/JRM Julian O/Romeo O

AO/Jacobs Iffy/Okudah

                                       Marcus Williams         T Walker/Harris

I love this one equally to what I proposed above, but that was the assumption DC was serious about moving to a 4-3… in which case I paid Ogbah to play DE vs trying to move Harris back to a hand in the dirt where he struggled his first 2 years in the league…

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