I miss Jim Schwartz

There, I said it.


Hahaha!!! I miss Monte Clark!!!

What does it take to get fired around here?

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Don’t have to look far, his Eagles defenses are being ran and thrown on like no tomorrow right now.

Yeah but he’s got a Super Bowl ring. And he sure had us looking competitive in the post season. Which I’ve forgotten what that even means. And because of this season, I’m entirely irrational so would probably take a turnip as head coach right now.


Patience Nate, I think Patricia is on to something here. Even though it was a backup he played well and was very accurate. The Lions should have won against the Bears who blew them out the game before. Patricia doesn’t have enough fingers for the rings he has been a part of.

I think we have historically kept some coaches far to long and others i.e Caldwell and Schwartz not long enough. Just been a shit show and zero consistency. Ugh…I miss Gym Shorts as well lol

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I agree. I really felt we gave up on both Jims too early.

Schwartz and Mayhew didn’t see eye to eye. One of them had to go so the Fords decided to give MM one last hiring option. I wish we would have tossed MM and got JS another GM to work with for another year.

Caldwell I felt had earned another year. My big issue with JC was his game management skills. I wish BQ had gotten JC some help in that dept and gave him another year. Caldwell’s biggest issue was Ron Prince. Prince had to go. Bob Q. new that Prince was a huge part of the problem. JC and Prince were best friends so the only way to get rid of Prince was to move on from JC too.

Way too many HC’s make the mistake of hiring friends, family and their former coaches to be part of the coaching staff. They often can’t see the fault in these coaches because there’s an emotional attachment. I think the best HC’s hire people they’ve never worked with before. They make changes when changes are needed. These changes are far easier to make if they keep their relationship with their staff purely professional.

I mean, so does Patricia. More than one, in fact.

This coming from someone who would ditch Patricia for Schwartz in a flash.

I wanted to keep Schwartz and replace Linehan after the 2013 season. In the grand scheme of things obviously 5 years is plenty of time to give a coach to win a playoff game. But coming form where Schwartz took over the team (0-16), I thought it was a special circumstance. Let him make some coordinator changes.

I was over Caldwell after the 2017 season. The only difference is I didn’t feel like Caldwell could be easily replaced, particularly by a rookie head coach. I’m a retread kind of a guy.

Especially when the reasoning was “9-7 isn’t good enough with this roster”. It’s a lot to expect a n00b to come in and make only positive changes.


That’s where Quinn shot himself in the foot, no doubt.


Well, I’d say he shot himself in the foot by hiring a coach worse than the one he fired. I frankly don’t care about the rationale, just the results.

If you’re saying he shot himself in the foot by not setting expectations lower, I disagree. Lower expectations shouldn’t be acceptable. The Lions were a winning team last year, and the draft helped to add a running game. There’s no reason why this team shouldn’t be competitive.

Yes and no. He should have just kept his mouth shut as far as setting expectations, IMO.

Specifically, he shouldn’t have phrased it as though Caldwell got himself fired. This is the direction Quinn wanted to go and he went this way. Own it and carry on. Don’t thump your chest and proclaim Caldwell didn’t get as much out of his guys as he should have. Caldwell, in 2016 anyway, got that team performing above its talent level for the first time in many, many years. So wile 2017 was disappointing for everyone, a leader is going to own the shortfalls without throwing shade on another respected leader (as Caldwell certainly was).


he could have backhanded complimented him.

“I like jim caldwell as a man and head coach on any day but sunday.”

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See, this isn’t where I’m coming from at all. While I wouldn’t have fired Caldwell, I certainly understand the case for doing so. And I’m very on board with the idea that 9-7 wasn’t good enough with that roster.

What drives me batty is how Quinn’s not being grilled daily about why his coaching choice is doing vastly worse than Caldwell with a better roster. It’s looking more and more like he just wanted his buddy in there rather than Patricia actually being a good choice.

I don’t understand how people are okay with the idea that the Lions are suddenly a teardown, when essentially the same team was 9-7 the year before without a running game. This is so clearly a bad coaching issue.

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There’s a lot to unpack when looking at the roster an collection of coaches. I have a lot of confidence in Patrcia and expect he’ll make necessary changes. I also expect he’ll continue to be a good part of the rookie evaluation process… at least I hope he’s partly responsible for the good haul of 2018’s draft class… it’s certainly better than 2017’s.

It’s basically 2 steps forward, 3 steps back personnel-wise and the coaches he decided to keep from the previous regime are the 1st to go and deservedly so.

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But it’s not the same team. We turned over 30% of the roster from last year.

On defense alone we have 6 new starters. On offense we’ve let Tate and Ebron go.

I do not feel we’re a more talented team at all. We clearly lack talent.

Personally I thought Caldwell had the team performing about where their talent level should. At least they tried hard every week.

Patricia’s team looks flat and under prepared. So far I’m not very impressed with him as a HC. I’m not convinced this coaching staff is better than the last one. The only progress this coaching staff has made is with the run game. We’re currently ranked 23rd. Which is about what I’d have expected us to improve to.

My big concern is that this team has spent too many resources fixing the OL (unsuccessfully) and that’s deprived the team of top end talent.

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