I miss Tom Kawalski

These new reporters pretty much suck I think especially compared to Tom.


I loved Tom.
He was as real as it got.

Still remember when I heard the news. Couldn’t believe it

I concurr, thoroughly enjoyed killer! Hard to be a writer AND a huge fan of the team, but he would call it as he saw it. Loved when he was interviewed weekly on the Huge show, you could hear the passion in his voice.
Miss him a lot!

Given what has become of the Detroit media, I think we all miss Killer FAR more than we even realize. We might miss the guy and his take on things, but that room misses an alpha male. When Birkett and his hand-wringing cattiness becomes the dominant personality, we’re in deep doo-doo.

Birkett is pretty decent as far as today’s day and age.

I don’t think most of the board could even handle Tom K. nowadays. He was pretty … “straightforward.”

“I dont know anyone named Caputo”

Detroit used to have great sports reporters. Killer, Green, Schef…
Now? Bitches, left and right.

I miss when Mitch Albom actuly tried.

When he applied himself, he can be one of the very best storytellers in the business, IMHO.

Seems like nothing motivates him anymore. Can’t say I blame him much, looking at the Detroit sports landscape.

They go national and see the bigger landscape. Detroit just loses it’s importance.

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