I Still Want Chark

He can’t cost much and he played in 14 games last season,


His salary was 5 mil last season.

Agreed. He would be excellent depth, will come fairly cheap, and has already developed a rapport with Goff.


I think it will be Chark or Reynolds.
How healthy was Chark last season, that is my biggest question mark on him?

Whats wrong with Tre’Quan Smith ?

Do do do do do you?

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Antoine Green showed a couple of flashes last season for a 7th round rook.

Got a nice size/speed combo. He could be a Chark type with some growth in year 2.

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Most forget ablout him, myself included, because he had a very forgettable rookie season. With that said, he was never expected to make much of an impact and the WR room stayed relatively healthy last season.

Holmes has been a savant in the draft, wouldn’t shock me if this guy earned a role.


He played in 14 games and averaged 15 yards per reception. He led Carolina with 5 TD receptions. I would take him over DPJ. He runs good routes and gets separation. Actually didn’t miss any games to injury last season.


Would you take him over Reynolds?

I would


Yes but it’s close, like a coin flip close. You put him opposite Williams, that’s some shit right there. Speed kills.


Not saying he won’t be good or decent. But chsrk type is a reach. I still don’t understand why people underrate chark so badly. SMH

Either way it feels like chark might wait until after the draft to take a 2 year deal. considering the depth of the draft at the WR position.

Actually it might be us that waits until after the draft.

Chark and Goff also seemed to really start clicking on short and intermediate routs down the stretch. :+1:


Put me in the no category in regards to Chark. I just do not see the need for him. From what I have read the current choice is between Reynolds and DPJ. IF the Lions decide not to go with either then I would only look at the draft.

Lol , well one he hasn’t played with Goff and would take most of the year just to get up to speed. And he hasn’t ever really did anything in the NFL. So that’s just wishful thinking as of now. And would be neglectful to go into to s adon like that. I hope this helps you.

That too! I don’t get why would sign another guy rn when the draft is so deep.

Quick count shows Chark has missed 26 games due to injury in his career, pretty close to that anyway. That’s an awful lot of missed time. He’s talented and has chemistry with Goff, no doubt.

Another bit I may be holding against Chark was when he was on the St. Brown podcast, ARSB asked him about Holmes and Saint said as an intro to a question, “I’m not sure how you feel about (Holmes)” and Chark kind of shrugged. Might be a personality thing. Just the impression I got.

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My opinion and it may not be popular: Chark and Reynolds are fine but they are a no. 3 receiver. The issue for the Lions is that they don’t have a field stretcher at WR. Amon Ra for as great as he is averages 12 yards per catch. And how long are we going to wait for Jamo to become the guy everyone thinks he should be? I’m talking about a guy like Brandon Ayuk or DK Metcalf. A true home run threat. Like I said, Jamo could or is supposed to be that guy, but so far he has only shown brief glimpses of that.