I think our players should practice and that , earlier on than waiting for Preseason/Season

that way when the season begins, players are already more accustomed to wearing and playing in full gear.

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Most good players practice at home and train with professional trainers in the summer. All summer. Its the players that take the summer off that dont seem ready to start the season.

They just arnt not allowed to practice at the team facility or with coaches during the summer per NFLPA collective bargaining rules

But they can practice together all they want

I don’t need smartass comments or patronizing GIF’s , you all are better than that, you got honest thought-filled comments–I’ll listen to them, I may not agree-but I’ll listen. we are not children time to stop acting like it… My THOUGHT was: Get the players in full gear/pads earlier, let the rooks become more used to being in gear before the season hits/ SO, once the season does come, they move more naturally from jump. let rooks wear it earlier , so more of the “well their not wearing pads” comments -decrease as well—that’s all .

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Cub, all teams are restricted by the rules of the NFL to put on the pads.
Every team has a certain amount of practices where they are allowed to pad up. This is not a decision the coaching staff is allowed to make.


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I had no IDEA that the League ‘RESTRICTED’ putting on pads until a given time…never remember hearing that-before. truly never knew this. I thought it was up to each team’s front office staff like coach Dan…holy $!@#@ having restrictions on pads -is stupid.


oh yeah let’s restrict wearing protective gear f_@king morons !
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Cub, it’s a collectively bargained agreement. You aren’t fighting the coaches. You’re fighting both the NFL and the NFLPA. For every Alim McNeil (who hates not having pads on), there’s 50 other guys who are all in favor of less padded practices.

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Unfortunately they are rarely allowed to practice in pads Wolf. Even in the regular season they are only allowed 1 practice per week in pads. It’s 90 percent pajamas.

It’s actually less than 1 padded practice per week.

See below…

During the regular season, padded practices for all players shall be limited to a total of fourteen , eleven of which must be held during the first eleven weeks of the regular season, and three of which must be held during the remaining six weeks of the regular season.

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