I’ve got my list down to 7 guys for #18

S/NB Branch
DT Kancey
RB Robinson
RG OCyrus
CB Gonzo
CB ‘Spoon
DT Bresee

#48 #81 I’m move up to Zona pick 36 for CB Forbes


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166 pound Emmanuel Forbes?


Campbell takes turds that size!

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Damn he’s that small???

That’s what he weighed in at today

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You aren’t a Forbes fan? I’m not advocating he’s worth a trade up…but I would love to have him.

I like the list for 18.

Not sure I’m willing to give that up for Forbes.


Oh I like him plenty, but I’ve always been concerned about his size. It’s something that has to be factored in to his evaluation. And honestly it probably has been, which is why he’s been hanging around in the 2nd. Well, that and his propensity to freelance.

That said I’m not sure Brad & Co will like him that much. He takes too many risks. Sure they pay off a lot but you never see the plays on the highlights when they don’t. And it’s ugly when they don’t.


And he knew he was weighing in, so probably chugged at least 6-8 pounds of water right before. Good chance he’s in the 150’s


I agree he doesn’t seem to fit what they want. But I think he’s worth a late 1st/early 2nd. He’s not a trade up candidate though for anyone imo. The play style and size is too risky to give up assets for.

At the end of the day…you need many DBs

He’s an electric playmaker that can change games with his ball skils. Even if he’s only in on passing down and packages he’s worth it.

Forbes + Bly = Gold

I’ll take my chances with my boy Riley later.

Fastest DB from @seniorbowl National team on Day 1 yesterday? It was the guy who many are lazily projecting to safety, Iowa’s Riley Moss. @R_moss5 hit 19.73 on @ZebraTechnology tracking data.Feb 9, 2023


Guy that doesn’t take weight training, strength & nutrition, eating seriously might be on the Holmes/Campbell do not draft list

But they did take Jameson Williams & that guy looks like he weighs 140 LB’s so… who really knows


I love his playmaking ability, that’s what keeps him around that range on my board. @CuriousHusker made the point yesterday that the way to build a team in today’s NFL is to build an explosive offense and opportunistic defense and I agree. Defensive performance isn’t very sticky year-over-year whereas offense is.

But he’s got some definite flaws.

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Love me some Riley Moss and I believe he will get drafted higher than most expect

He’s definitely about to tear it up today.

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I like the Merriweather kid the best man. He can play that nickel safety role.

Same for Bowden from Minnesota

No White player has started at cornerback for an NFL team since Jason Sehorn on Dec. 22, 2002, a fact I didn’t know until today because several writers are making a point of it.

These mock drafts are funny, they have half the CB’s from the B1G getting drafted ahead of Moss.

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