I’ve seen enough

Goff has to be benched immediately. I don’t care if the back ups are worse. This guy blows beyond blow. How many fucking passes did he get slapped down today? 50.

He can’t throw the deep ball, his intermediate balls wobble like shit. No accuracy. No feel for the pocket. Doesn’t seem very tuned in to what is going on around him. Just an overall pathetic display pretty much all year. Disgusting.


How soon we forget the Boyle days.
I don’t blame you for forgetting, it’s how we cope sometimes.
But, still, imagine those 39-yard HALFS of football again and then tell us if you’re still intent on benching Goff.


They showed his season stats early in the game. Was telling my buddy, if you looked at just those, you’d think he has been ok this year.

Having watched every game. Definitely not the case. He is the worst QB I have watched in a Lions uni.

Highly inaccurate. Like, not in the same zip code in most of his throws. That 3rd and goal where he rolled out and threw it 4 yards out of bounds from 5 yards away?

Throws an ugly ball

I honestly believe his football IQ is VERY low

Loves to hold onto the ball too long all the time

Has a mean case of fumblitis

Boyle is a backup. We all know that. Not a very good one, but still a backup.

Goff is the #1 overall pick. His actual talent level and IQ, he probably should have been a late round pick. Guy is not a starting QB in the NFL.

I’m not going to defend his play. I’m just saying… bench him? That’s some baaaaaaad football we’re suggesting.


If they bench Goff, I at least hope they run the triple option or the wild cat. I would rather watch my dog take a shit, then watch Boyle or Blough play.


"Goff has to be benched immediately. I don’t care if the back ups are worse. This guy blows beyond blow. How many fucking passes did he get slapped down today? 50 "

You mean he blows beyond Blough?

To be fair he is better than Boyle and Blough

I thought Goff looked halfway decent out there. Made a couple dumb plays but overall I’d say it was decent performance. We were playing our 4th string RBs with our 3rd string center, a bunch of olineman who were questionable coming into the game and an awful group of WRs.

I have been as big a critic of Goff as anyone, but he was definitely not the reason we lost today.


Speaking of pooping… oddly relatable


Lol. Let’s blames Goff.


Are you only 12 years old???


Lol shall we make a list of worst lions QBs ever?

I’ll start



That you left off Andre Ware makes this list bullshit.


Offense is looking better

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Of all the games to bag on Goff and you picked this one ?

I agree he isn’t the answer but I think he has looked way worse in other games

Call me crazy if you will but other than Stafford, I think Dave Krieg was the best QB we have had.


Man I haven’t laughed like that for awhile. Thanks my man. I needed that.

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Goff is a top 15 qb who at times plays like a top 10 when he is on a GOOD team,

Goff is a bottom 10 qb who sometimes plays like a bottom 5 qb when he is on a BAD team.

His Football IQ is not at the level that you would expect of a number 1 draft pick.

You see now why McVay got tired of him and traded for Stafford.

His decision making is lacking and he struggles with confidence more then you would like from a number 1 overall pick. He needs to be coddled a lot.

He doesn’t have a good wr core around him and his OC’s (Lynn sucked, MCDC is struggling) are subpar.

He isn’t the answer LONG term unless he shocks next year with an improved wr core. But he is the answer for next season.

I am not a fan of Goff but I am not a hater either…it is what it is…to say he is the worst qb in the league and the worst to someone has ever seen in Detroit leaves me to believe the poster is barely 13 because there have a lot of shitty qb’s in Allen Park over the last 25-30 years.



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Haha I only went back 20 years didn’t make it to the early 90s… and the Millen years produced enough I wanted to leave some open slots for others to answer lol