I want Greedy. Change my mind!

Greedy, Slay, Digs… that’s a bunch of coverage sacks, right there.
Snacks and Hand are going to pressure the QB. If our DE’s can hold contain, it’s a long day for opposing offenses, especially when you toss in our LB’s.
Good talent at DE will be available in the 2nd.
Put me down as a Greedy fan!

Corners usually dont develop into worthwhile playets until they need to be re-signed.

That won’t change your mind, but it’s my two cents.


I will say I thought Dorsey drafting Denzel Ward 4th overall for Browns proved to be genius and I was HIGH on that pick.

CBs are SUPER EXPENSIVE. Like 90 mil. Not worth it! You sign a good one for 4 years for 20 mil? That’s a huge discount and maybe you resign them end of year 3 and get a “home” discount. At least have ‘inside track’ to resign (like Darius Slay.)

For example if we didn’t draft Slay, he wouldn’t sign here, unless we really overpaid. But he took a solid deal to stick with “the team that drafted him”.

I’m all about drafting CBs early and DEs for that reason. CBs, QBs, LBs, DEs… important to hit on in the draft.

I wouldn’t mind at all. I think he would be a solid pick. He has a chance to be an elite cover corner

How does Greedy compare to Patrick Peterson when he came out?

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Peterson was consisted the best prospects since Champ Bailey and his combine was freakish

I don’t think Greedy has that much hype, at least not unless he slays at the combine

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My favorite pick would be D White. Dude is fast smart and a violent tackler. But I have the feeling it’s going to be Ferrell. The one position I don’t want is a TE at 8


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Thanks Nutzz, yeah i remember PPs workouts. Im wondering how Greedy stacks up with PP on the field. I’m in the, let’s trade for PP, camp. A trade for PP, if possible, would probably cost us pick #43, maybe a little more. So, the question for me… is Greedy at #8 a better than or equal value to PP, his $12M cap hit, and the lost draft pick?

I would love to trade for PP. write him to the pro bowl every year

But the Cards have no interest in trading him and he apologized to the fans for talking about wanting a trade and was quoted at a recent event as saying, “I’m here to stay baby”

Yeah, i read that, too. I’m not completely convinced, though. I think everyone had to say the right things…cover their butts, keep all the options open, don’t burn your bridges sorta stuff… Maybe… Hopefully…