‘I was in complete shock’: New dating trend sees men asking for refunds when they don’t see a 'return on investment’ — how high costs of living have changed the rules of romance

I’m old school. I’d have never done this in a million years.

If it’s a bad date, you chalk it up to a learning experience and move on.

Funny, and not really shocking in todays world.

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I mean, some dudes are kind of dumb. The ‘refund request’ is not a winning strategy or mindset long term. However, I think there have always been dudes that are sort of dumb. This is just a modern interpretation of it.

Like, let’s say you don’t have a great connection with a girl, but the date is OK and you don’t come off weird or off -putting. Just no spark. That is ok, not a big deal.

BUT, if you end things decently, maybe you see her randomly a couple of months later (and can still be friendly and chat a bit). Her friend thinks you’re cute, and you suddenly have a new date for Friday.

Or, you can ask for money you’ll never get back and kill that possibility. Just not very smart.

Ah, to be young.

Nothing drops panties faster than signing a pre-date financial compensation agreement. And when she sees you getting signatures from two witnesses? Haaaaaawt.

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I have to believe this is not an actual trend, just one or two instances written about and blown out of proportion.

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Kind of like ‘eating Tide Pods’… there is no way that was an actual ‘trend.’

Haven’t they learned anything from calvin johnson?

Refunds for bad dates!? I’m gonna be ■■■■■■■ rich fellas! Wooooooooooooo