I wish HC's could throw 2 black & white flags a game to challenge really "odd" or poor official calls

Like IF Patricia saw something quite shady he could choose to use one of these flags and challenge the call ANY time, then-there is a judgement from the dean of officials on weather HE agrees with Patricia’s complaint…and if the Lead Official does agree with Patricia, the call is overturned and ruled in our favor…as a correction.

for fewer hose jobs by refs.

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I think that as Reparations to the Lions and their fans to make up for all the bad calls that have cost us games over the years, I should be given a Batphone that goes right to the sidelines during every game.

I should be able to use the Batphone to call down and overturn two calls made on the field and also I should get to make two calls that were not made.

And (I got this idea from The Voice) I should be able to Block the other teams HQ from throwing the challenge flag once per game

I would prefer they just go the college route and have someone upstairs with a set of fucking eyeballs reviewing every play on a HDTV. They can signal down when there is a play that needs further review.

Instead, we actually had a 90 year old corpse on the field Sunday that had to take his gosh damned bifocals off and stuff his liver spotted head into a 5" camera. What century is the NFL living in? There is literally nothing right about the NFL replay system. And don’t get me started on the “new” pass interference replay that they have gotten wrong 100% of the time so far.


There are few things I think the NCAA does right, but their replay system is one of them… It’s quick and efficient.

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Agree. The NFL is archaic at best. Not to mention they still get it wrong a lot of times and they take a 4 minute commercial even if the very first replay is clear as a bell. There’s no reason they couldn’t do it quickly and efficiently like the NCAA does.

Or just replace those “3” signs with a “bird for Goodell”, or “Fix is in” signs.
They could then pole the audience.

I thought they could challenge bad calls and non calls now?

what I mean is the most bs calls and non-calls…like that TD that got called back, like 3 different facemasks the KC players did to our players that were ignored, like players being down by contact, when they are on the damn ground and our defenders "like 5 of them were on top of the KC player and then get “he wasn’t down” by the refs…just like they missed that guys knee down before he supposedly got a TD…but NO, the officials give them the TD. I swore on one play…Stafford was on the ground…KC defender gets up and you can see Matts helmet move like he just got grazed in the head by that defender and IN GAME you see Stafford’s helmet glance off his foot but there is NO CALL. these are crucial and possible game -changing calls !

I said when the officials are jobbing us and it’s clear…that each HC ‘should’ be able to throw a black an white striped flag to make the Dean of Officiating stop the game and review the play …for example Matt Patricia is calling dead wrong and a STOP to an attempted screw job by a ref…IF it turns out Patricia was RIGHT…they overturn the call and that official gets a check mark for POOR calls…3 of them in a season and your fired… so our TD that wasn’t could have been overturned and the black and white flags are a challenge to a specific official that made the call…that way there aren’t that many hose jobs by the refs…because NOW there are REAL consequences for trying to favor A team or making so many BS calls. typical challenge flags can be like “IF” our player stayed in bounds and got yards or a TD , The refs called a facemask…replay showed hit on the shoulder or chest -not facemask …we challenge the call, was a player down, was there time left on the play clock? , simple calls like that…

Throw a Black and White flag when you feel the officials are trying to screw you in a game…referee challenge…

Seems odd. What does it matter what color the flag is? Also, not sure if you’re familiar, but guess who is in charge of replay? Another NFL official.

On top of that, they have a bought and paid for cuck up in the booth to lie to the fans as if we didn’t see the replay. Between Mike Pierera and Dean Blandino, the entire “process is corrupt”. They hide certain angles, they change the wording of rules. They do whatever it takes to make sure the officials on the field were right.

My favorite new rule they put in place in the 4th quarter last week was the whole “they can’t put time back on the clock unless there is 2 seconds left”. What the fuuuuuuuuck? This league always creates it’s own controversy and that rule, might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

I’m going on a tangent here, but why are they so infatuated with Goodell that he kept his job while being a complete asshat the entire time? Like, I get it, they make money, but you could have put Pee Wee Herman as commish and they would still be making gobs of money.