Ia anyone not attending voluntary OTAs?

I havent seen anything about this anywhere. I saw a site list OL depth chart on day 3 and Jonah Jackson wasnt listed. Is he there? Is anyone else not there?


I believe i saw jonah in some pictures


Believe JJ’s wife is about to, or just did, have a baby. Article in this am’s paper said there were four players who just welcomed a new family member or were about to.
From memory, Ragnow, Jackson, B Jones, and Buggs.


Welcome to the board @piranha .
And, welcome to planet earth, Lions babies! May you do better with it than we have.

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It is interesting that we haven’t heard about anyone sitting out OTAs but it may be a testament to the team first culture DC instilling, or installing?.. or instilling.

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The big Uglies are

having babies Hopefully

future Lions Linemen!

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