Ideal Playoff Scenario For the Lions

Obviously most of us just want to make the playoffs and we would be thrilled, myself included. With that said, what would be our ideal scenario to make it as far as possible in the playoffs?

I for one do not want to play the 49ers in the opening round. I personally think the best situation is for the Vikings to drop down to the #3 seed and us to make the playoffs as the #6 seed. That means the likely first round matchups would be.

Lions @ Vikings
Giants @ 49ers
Cowboys @ Bucs

From there I think our hope is we don’t have to play the Eagles in the 2nd round if we win. The only way for that to happen in this scenario is for the lower seed then us (Giants) to advance. Then we would play the winner between the Bucs/Cowboys which would be much easier. The NFC is extremely weak this year so I think its gong to be extremely difficult for any team to topple the Eagles. 49ers have a shot, but Purdy needs to play really well.

Regardless I’m pumped and can’t wait to watch these next few weeks.


Ideal Playoff Scenario:

  • Week 18 - Winner gets in - Destroy the Packers in front of their fans ending their season and playoff hopes, while punching our ticket to the post-season.
  • Wildcard - End the Vikings season in front of their fans
  • Divisional - I want payback in Philly. We haven’t forgotten the 58 points you put up on us in 1995.
  • Conference - Jerry and ‘Americas Team’ in Dallas. Redemption for 2014.
  • Super Bowl - Lake Erie Bro’s (Lions vs Bills). Greatest Super Bowl in history with a last second Penei Sewell 2pt conversion reception to seal the victory 25-24.


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in a victory that includes a ST TD on a 64 yard run by Fox…4th and 7…he just took off and scored.

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We went toe to toe with them when we had no defense, and lost by 3.
I like our chances.
That 9’ers D is scary.
The Chiefs will be a tough win, if we get there.
The Bills? Again, I saw the relief on their faces when they won. 50/50.
Cincy, is the scariest team in the league. You never know what you’re gonna get.

I understand the concept of ideal and like every other suddenly giddy Lions, I want the easiest path. I mean, I wrote this morning that I NEED the Jets to win tonight, so that they’ll be playoff focused when (I pray) they crush Seattle next week.

But I’ll settle for winning our last 3 games, then getting spanked by the Niners in the first round, if that’s the matchup. Even in a first round loss, the arrow for this franchise would remain straight up.

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Im just gonna say that other than the Commanders beating them, no one has played the Eagles any closer than we have.

And thats when we were banged up as shit and the D was still unable to get out of their own damn way

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I wouldn’t recommend putting money on that.
SF’rz will get into the fistfight with us, & not be scared of us, but I promise you, the inverse is true as well.
Coach Dan ain’t scared… & neither is “the family”

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I get your saying.
Don’t say it!:rofl:

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The eagles are much better since week 1 just like we are. The Eagles and the 49ers are the only teams who scare me in the NFC. I think we match up pretty good with the other NFC Playoff teams.


I love this stuff but ….

  • Let’s get the team to Carolina safely
  • let’s win!
  • get back home safely

That is all for now and keeps our playoffs alive!!

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