If he can stay healthy an we run ball he can play


One of the better GMs in NFL history burned a first round pick on the guy 6 years ago. He has talent. Speed for days too. I hope he can stay on the field. If he does, he will be a contributor.

I was hoping for more. dude’s not very good with YACs. Not particularly elusive. Hoping he can do better w/a better QB (Goff).

I live here in NY. He battled injury, reported attitude problem, and dropped 3 of his 30 catches. As the blog said, if you’re cool with him being a #4 WR for a bad team - he’s a fine fit.

I think hoping Perriman can be a WR1 or WR2 is very wishful thinking.

By now he’s proven who he is. He’s not consistent enough in my book to be counted on to be one of your primary targets.

As a #3 WR and vertical threat he’s salvageable.

I will be disappointed if we don’t draft a WR in the top 50 picks. I think we need to draft two of them in the first 4 rounds.