If it was your money and your owner or GM

The fact is, it is just not a very deadly virus for people under 50. Not many NFL players in that category. Maybe Mule. Nearly ALL people of the NFL player demographic that happen to get it will be just like Sewell. Uh… yeah, I got it, see you in OTA’s and now he has natural immunity like so many hundreds of thousands in this country who were younger who got it, got sick for a week then are totally good and immune now NATURALLY. If you are an old coach with diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and chain smoke like Jim Leyland, then perhaps it would be in YOUR best interest, to get the vaccination. To protect YOURSELF.

We know that the vax doesn’t hurt you (small print within the first year of taking it). Anything else is simply not known yet and anyone who says otherwise is assuming a chemical produced quicker than any other in history will not have harmful long term effects. Annnnd with that unacceptable logic, lock away.


LOL - nicely done.

So far a pretty common opinion is that there aren’t a bunch of challenges. This is clearly not an acceptable opinion to you.


I think we as a society are still in a bit of a transition period, in that we are coming out of the pandemic, a lot of things have changed, and they are kind of just holding out to see what the future holds.

I think at this time vaccination rates could be a concern, but in 3-6 months, will it be the same situation?

Not at all making this a political thing, just saying I think the business strategy right now is “let’s just sit tight and see what happens next.” I think this same thing can be said for a lot of different industries right now.

A lot of changes happening, lots of ins and outs… and all we ever get is the tip of the iceberg

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Had to go for it

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I would consider signing someone if they were vaccinated and fit into my base nickel defense


Teams could have a competitive advantage if they don’t have any restrictions

As a business owner who is trying to fill multiple positions I can tell you with 100% honesty that candidates are not being chosen by who is and isn’t vaccinated.

First of all due to hippa regulations the team, GM and team doctors do not have the right to ask the question if they are or are not vaccinated. The player has to freely give up that information. So a team may not know this answer.

As a business they can encourage their employees to get vaccinated but they can not enforce it on them …. or base decisions off the employees choice not to get vaccinated.

So I can say with 100% certainty that it will have no effect on who I hire…… I am confident that NFL teams will go that same direction …. Because there’s way too many unknowns right now and they have to under the law.

However …… Covid is a concern…. I’ve actually discussed this with doctors, I’ve been to a few seminars on the subject with doctors and insurance companies involved. (I just went to one last week) They are telling me that they are seeing long term medical concerns with patients. Even young patients in their 30’s … some who may never be able to work again due to blood clots and heart conditions from Covid… One doctor told me that as of right now they haven’t a clue if these patients will ever fully recover. They haven’t a definitive decision on the proper treatments. They all encouraged vaccinations but couldn’t definitively answer how much they help or if more vaccinations will be needed in the near future. One doctor at the seminar said he had multiple patients who were vaccinated and still caught Covid afterwards. His message was that right now we just don’t know. There’s not enough data.

So with that in mind, as a GM/Owner/Team… I’d be looking to manage my roster with as many short term contracts as I can. I’d be looking to mitigate my risks and keep my cap space as fluid as possible. At least for the next year or two. I’d try to avoid having too many contracts that I can’t easily get out of.

But no …. I would not make any decisions based on who is and who isn’t vaccinated…. I can’t and neither can an NFL team.


“Yeah, I would,” Beane told the team-sponsored “ One Bills Live” broadcast on Wednesday.

I don’t think “H.R.” in the NFL is much like standardized businesses. There’s only one Penei Sewell. You don’t pass on him or whoever bc of his vaccination status.

That being said, as a fan I’d prefer the Lions be vaccinated of course. Hard enough to stay on the field. Why add another layer?


I appreciate this Answer.

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Appreciate this answer snd I understand the protections on health privacy and the nfl is weird. There’s likely not a shortage of guys who want to be special teams gunners or a chance to be on an nfl practice squad.

Somehow the nfl is collecting this data and sharing it with media.

They cut guaranteed contracts. They don’t sign guys who can still Play. There’s red flags that shouldn’t be.

They don’t say what they are. The guys just get cut as not a good fit.

Sewell or stars have leverage and for every star who says no , you could sign a equal bubble guy who is vaccinated to remain at a threshold with no restrictions.

You have to understand that it’s a tabu subject.

Think of it like this …. Some players have the aids virus.

Teams do not have the legal right to ask a player if he has aids or not. They can’t make personnel decisions based off any information they do or do not have on the subject. If they did they would open themselves up to serious legal ramifications.

It’s the same thing with Covid. They won’t ask and they won’t openly discuss it. They will encourage players to get the vaccine and that’s about it.

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Ok got it fine ok

thanks for the intel, man. Appreciated that read

Here’s my example on a situation like this.

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You need to realize that he can’t say no because you as an employer you can’t ask the question.

Even if there was a scenario that a team doctor could frame the question…… that doctor couldn’t press the player to answer it.

Teams won’t address those concerns because they can’t. Players will sit through meetings on the subject that will address concerns and what the NFL’s stance has to be under hippa regulations.

Your making this into a bigger PR/HR issue than it is.

Teams can’t and won’t make personnel decisions based off vaccinations and any info they may have on the subject.

They will approach contracts differently and try to minimize cap ramifications as best they can. That’s all they can really do about it.

But let’s say they do have a vocal player who’s taking a political stance against the vaccinations and he makes it public knowledge…… it becomes a distraction …. I could see them going another direction if it’s a bottom of the roster guy but those types usually don’t make waves. If anyone makes waves it will be a star and no team will cut a star player because that player doesn’t want to get vaccinated. Instead they would hope that any locker room concerns would get ironed out by themselves …. Because there’s nothing a team can really do or say about it.

You have to understand too that there could be a legit reason why a player chooses not to get vaccinated. You can’t hold that against him. You can’t ask him about it or make it an issue.

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