If it was your money and your owner or GM

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Spirit of my post was misunderstood
It’s a bummer it was misunderstood.

As popular as mock drafts are I thought it would be interesting thought exercise to think about being a GM or owner and how you’d handle the challenges

Being accused of having some other vaccine agenda or not being interested in others answers - whether I agree or not is disappointing.

I thought it was interesting to think about

But I guess it’s another topic that doesn’t work over here

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Zero chance this thread lasts more than a few replies. I guess I will limber up.

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I didn’t bring up the r rule

Hoping the conversation will focus on the logistics risk assessment of running a team with this in mind.

It’s hard out here

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What’s funny is if this thread can somehow survive roughly 20 more posts, it will morph into a Stafford thread. Its like Godwin’s law. The longer a thread goes, the closer it gets to a Stafford debate.


Six degrees of Stafford rule

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Needle? What’s the worst that can happen?


I wouldn’t even ask or let it factor into my decision. This conversation might go in a little different direction if there were players both avoiding vaccination AND trying to sit out another year.

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It’s in the arm

NFL 2 week rule is tough, for sure. Could literally cost someone a playoff game. I think you can speared no matter what though. As I understand it, you can catch covid off of a counter top that someone touched (I know the counter top hasn’t been vaccinated).

Someone who has been exposed can not get it, then pass it along, even though they didn’t get it.

I’d RUN from the idea of trying to encourage people either way. Let them make their decisions as adults that care for their own health. I would create unity among them, and teach them acceptance, no matter how they feel about the shot.

This is a thought exercise , not asking for people’s personal opinion on vaccination but thinking of the logistics and impact in team building with so much money at stake.

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I wouldn’t give the player’s participation in a vaccination program a consideration. Of course the team will be prepared with their Covid protocols, but if it’s my money or I’m the GM, I’m not letting any vaccination weigh in my decision to keep or cut a player.

Where are your testicles?

I’m asking you as owner /

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You aren’t asking a question. You are hear to preach. We get it. Some people just view it different from you.


You don’t see any additional
Wouldn’t cross your mind ?

No wonder stuff gets locked up over here so much

It’s an unfinished thread topic" if it was your money and your owner or GM…then there is nothing.