If Quinn is smart he locks up Glasgow ASAP

His value is only going to go up. 5 years X $7 million a year is a fair deal.

Durable, solid, versatile, great teammate. This is the exact type of player you want to lock up. He’s been the Lions most consistent O lineman over the last 2 seasons. You draft players like Glasgow hoping you extend them. This guy is a 10 year starter for the Lions and hopefully Quinn locks him down soon.


Yepper. Our interior line is kicking ass. I did not see that coming, at all!
I predicated my season prediction on the premise that the Oline was going to suck.
I’m totally rethinking all that!

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Agreed! Annnnd…let’s draft him a buddy or two, while we’re at it.


I don’t know if 35m over five gets it done. Maybe we get a home state discount. I think fair market is 8-9m per year. Heck maybe even 10m per year. Good interior OL have gotten pricey and with his versatility I think there would be a strong market for his services.

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If he wants that much I shake his hand and wish him well somewhere else.


I gotta say, I picked out OL and DL to be dominant. I was very concerned about Patricia, LB and our WR. It’s good to be undefeated!


Saffold got 4yrs./44m and he was 30 y/o and without the position flexibility. I think they are similar players from a performance standpoint.

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Hey, just realized…
Good to see you. Been a while!

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Dahl looks like he could be someone looking for a nice contract when he’s due, too.

A couple of things…

  1. Rodger Saffold definitely has positional flexibility. He’s played both tackle and both guard spots in his career.

  2. I would have zero desire to overpay Saffold either.

I have no idea what Glasgow can get on the open market, and that’s not the point I was making. My point is that if he’s approaching $10M a year, someone else can have him. That’s my opinion.

Quinn got out in front of the Joe Dahl situation and extended him thru 2021 this offseason for cheap.

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The thing about contract extensions is that it’s up to the player to decide what he wants. Some guys want to hit the FA market and get the top dollar, or maybe get Quinn to put more money on the table. There’s no doubt in my mind that Quinn wants to get this deal done, but he wants to pay as little as possible. And there’s nothing wrong with that from either side, it’s a business.

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Saffold was horrible at tackle though. He didn’t come into his own until his own.

I do get your point and generally agree with you. I’d like to see it get done for about 8m per season and I think that’s doable given where he went to school, etc. I just think his open market value might exceed that. Still I sense he likes it here and 40m over five years is still generational money if handled right.

Agree completely Iggy, guy is everything you’d want out of a mid round OL pick. He’s not a dominant guy, but he’s solid across the board and will be a starter for a long time. Hope we lock him up

Saffold was good enough at tackle that the Raiders signed him up for $42M to play it (then let him go for failed physical). But even with the positional flexibility, I would not want to sign someone like Saffold to that big of a contract. I feel the same way about Glasgow. I’m willing to overpay a little bit to keep our own, but not by that much.

This is why its important to draft a 3-5 round OL guy or two every year.

Lots of these average guys having above average years go from underpaid to very overpaid.


I agree with the premise and the pricing. Before the year started I said something like $4-$6, but he probably has earned the $7 at this point.

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