If the Lions could acquire any 2 FA this year

But only 2 (save depth signings) who would you choose?

I would like to finish the Offense this year, we need an explosive RB, OG, a dynamic WR and an OT. With a deep WR class I’m looking to the draft for that and a top tier RB (Taylor, Swift, Dobbins, behind them Dillon, Moss), as well as a RT that can aclimate this year and start next (Niang, Hunt, Wilson, Peart). I’d take OG Thuney in free agency.

On the other side of the ball we need DT1, DT2, NT, CB2, LB, DE and to a lesser extent S assuming Wilson is resigned. I would look to the draft to get DT1 and DT2 (Blacklock, Gallimore, Davis, Madubuike, Davidson, Agim, Williams), CB (Okudah ideally in a trade down), Edge/5T (Strowbridge, Epenesa), OLB (Uche, Gay, Harding) and WR (I think 2nd/3rd round is where the deals will be had, but a late round pick like Bowden would be great). That said, I’m looking for a NT in FA. Their contracts come reasonably and it takes some time to develop NFL strength and we don’t have time for them to develop. Of the NTs I like Reader the best, but Shelton, Hargrave, Pierce all work.

DJ Reader and Byron Jones would be on the top of my list


DT Jordan Phillips
FS Anothony Harris

1 CB Jeffery Okaduh
2 RB Jonathan Taylor
3 LB/DE Afernee Jennings
4 DT Devon Hamilton

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DJ Reader and Byron Jones would be on the top of my list That would be more than i could hope for . But doubt will happen…

Vernon Butler DT an Anthony Harris FS I Like him also Mouse
1 CB Jeffery Okaduh
2 RB Jonathan Taylor…Ross Blacklock would be my pick or even a WR if one slips
3 LB/DE Afernee Jennings …Yes all day
4 DT Devon Hamilton …RB or OL

DJ Reader or Leonard Williams. Joe Thuney, Brandon Scherff, or GG. Shaq Barrett or Yannick Ngakoue.

Any combination but I think the Lions will go hard after Thuney, Reader, and Williams.

Edit: I would be fine with Shelton too.

I have been saying I wanted Judon, Dupree knowing that they most likely would be tagged so it was a pipe dream. Sounds like that they will be tagged.

I would be all about Jordan Philips and Byron Jones. I would be okay w Chris Harris as well, I’m reading that the chiefs and he have mutual interest.

C Jones and Barrett if I get any two.

Byron Jones as our big signing. Then Suh on a 2 year deal.

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DJ Reader and Jack Conklin, build those trenches!

D.J. Reader replaces Harrison. D.J. is 26 in July and is rounding into becoming a great run defender. He has size and the Lions need that position filled.

OLBer Dante Fowler. He replaces no one as we don’t really have a great weakside OLBer with now.

With Fowler he could do it all here. We can move Flowers and bring Fowler down to the LOS.

I’d like Reader and Cory Littleton. We need a coverage LB more than an Edge Rusher. Our LBs allow the middle of the field to be wide open. With the lack of interior pass rush, which Reader will help: Littleton will, and can be our best FA acquisition.


Reader and Thuney

If we could only sign two?

I’d say it would have to be two Defensive players.

Probably Clowney and Reader would be my top choices.

If I’m impacted by contract value and keeping it to guys I think we have a shot at. Jarran Reed and Mario Addison. I think Reed still has that 2018 season in him and Addison, though 32, hasn’t had less 9 sacks in any of the last four years. Would probably cost about 17-18m per for the two of them. Could add a to to our pass rush.

After digging deeper into this, I now feel DJ Reader (run stuffer), and Chris Jones (pass rusher) would be my 2 FA players. DL Is a priority at this time with AShawn, Daniels, and Snacks not coming back.

KC said they were tagging Jones.

Ahhhhh I did not hear that yet. Ty for saying.

I want Lions To keep or resign
Slay CB
Glasgow, Graham OG
Wilson, Tavon S
Then add at least one top tier DT an second maybe older an cheaper
Also add a LB like Littleton

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I’ll tell you what, I’d be calling on O’Dell Beckham. With all these WR in the draft I wonder if he’ll be traded at a relative bargain for his abilities. I’d love to see Stafford throwing to Beckham.

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Pipe dream I’d love to bring in Clowney. I know everyone thinks Clowney’s overrated but he’d fit like a glove in our defense and I think we could get the most out of him too. There’s a reason Brian Flores tried so hard to bring him to Miami last year.

More realistically, I’d like Reader and Thuney, but even that is close to a pipe dream, I think. Thuney I think is going to be very expensive - like highest paid guard in the league expensive - and there are other teams with more money than us, more need, and as many connections. Reader is going to be expensive too, and with a less expensive options out there (Shelton) with Pats connections, that seems like a more realistic path for us to take.