If the Lions go Thibs over Hutch

It’s funny… As of this morning I felt, and posted here, that I would be totally cool with it if the lions took Thibodeaux over Hutchinson if he’s available. The closer we get to the pick though, reading stuff that they might actually do that, there’s this little voice in my head screaming “don’t be a dumbass! Take the most complete player in the draft!”

More than anything else, I think I’m just so conditioned to expect the Lions to screw this up.

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Hutch technician. Thibs technician and explosive. Who would be more of a game wrecker?

Good to see you here for the big day bud.

Here we go!

I don’t think KT’s red flags are like Charle Rogers’ red flags. KT has a lot of interests outside of football and a 6 or 7 out of ten motor. That’s it. Those are the red flags from what I can tell. He of course needs to refine his hand usage but that I see an under-development rather than red flags.

If Hutch is there, you take.
Local kid playing for the hometown team. Graded slightly higher on all of the media boards.
He played his college ball near home, too, and was a #1 talent.
Make the player and fans happy!

You take whoever you think is the better player.

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I wouldn’t call the flaws with KT “red flags.” Even the lack of effort isn’t giving up completely on plays. He just has a habit of quitting part way into the play if he can’t immediately make the play. In his mind I bet he thinks he’s saving energy for the next play.

Also who you think is the better scheme fit.

Really think they are going to take Thibs and really want to see Hutch in Honolulu blue

Good point.

No not the same, KTs interviews allegedly turned teams off with his personality, there are the motor questions.

The comp of Hutch to Rogers is ludicrous imo, no red flags, lives and breathes football, absolute high character, with the best motor.

To insinuate Hutch will equal Rogers and Thibs Johnson was my point.

The red flags are on his version of Johnson this go round

After watching the interview with Thibz, then Brad, then Dan, I have no issues with any “character” concerns and believe them to be media driven. Same with the concerns over Hutchinson’s arm length.

You make the player and fans happy!!!
I’m a very happy camper.
We just got the #1 talent in the draft with the second pick!
Keep it rolling, Lions!

They had me scared with this Thibs talk. But this ain’t your Millen’s Lions team. Hell yeah baby.

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Doesn’t matter at this point. I’m perfectly happy with Hutch. Very safe pick that still comes with All Pro upside.


Looking forward to the healthy debate in the next few years. Love Hutch but Thibodeaux will be a better pro. Happy either way.

Let’s go!!! I’m behind the pick

I think there is a scenario in which we’re splitting hairs. I’m certain Hutch will be a better run defender. If KT is a 14 sack guy and a liability against the run and Hutch is a great run defender and an 11 sack guy then i think it depends what you’re looking for

Guys, let’s move this over to the Hutch thread.

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