If this is the 22 O at least till Wednesday we are keeping a lot of D

Quarterbacks (2)
Goff, Bridgewater
Running backs (3)
Gibbs, Montgomery,Reynolds, Cabinda
Wide receivers (5)
Reynolds, St. Brown, Raymond, Jones Jr, Green

Tight ends (3)
LaPorta, Wright, Mitchell
Offensive linemen (8)

Decker, Jackson, Ragnow, Vaitai, Sewell ,Glasgow,Sorsdal,Nelson 22

My D keepers has 26 with this 21 on O an 3 ST we would have 2 openings heading into Wednesday.

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You forgot Cabinda Fullback

Or is your math just that bad

2+4+5+8+3 = 22 not 21

Also, what happened to your 9 OL yote?

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Your slow i added him hated doing it an second i have 8 OL now Its you that needs help with math lol

Wait, so you forgot to add him, then get mad when a poster call you out? Anyway might want tk change your running back number to 4 not 3, cause based on your numbers posted it’s not 22 but 21


So again, you make a mistake and got called out

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He still at 21. 2+3+5+3+8=21 lol and he call you out

Yep but yote’s my boy, he’s been doing it for years.

It’s a tough time of year for him, those end of roster guys he loves the most!!


school of rock math GIF

Yep, swinging a lot of D.

I will say this slow for you we are always nit picking each other an my count is correct now his math sucks. Now you want to argue football fine we call each other out all the time. Stay in your Lane.

Jman You have a fan LOL… he came tried to hurt my feelings :grinning:


Stay in my lane? Bro your math is wrong genius
QB 2
RB 3
WR 5
TE 3
Ol 8

That is 21 all day long genuis. Stop calling people out over your incompetence

Good luck trying to convince him, he will NEVER admit defeat.

Stubborn old canadian bastard

Well, here in America… 5+5+11 = 21

Admit it though. Your feelings are hurt a bit aren’t they

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This Just in. It’s true d’oh.


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I can’t imagine being over the age of 12 and making some of the posts in this thread.

It’s honestly kind of pathetic in a way where you just feel bad for everyone involved but you want it to keep going just so you can keep laughing at it.

Serious “ur dumb”, “no ur dummer” vibes.

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this is 40 man GIF


We’re sooo close to kickoff, this is all we got left to do until HOSTING 2023 season.

But yes, it does bring me back to middle school here. Pure entertainment.

Also, have you forgotten where you are @Davicus
@BitterSyd will have to remind you


If you can’t laugh at yourself you need to look in a mirror Regarding the count it is correct its the number players that’s wrong I keep saying count players LOL an keep getting attacked. Its good to laugh