If we hadn't changed, how good would Austin's D be?

Well, if you’re like me this morning, you’re pretty down in the dumps and ready to heap every criticism possible on this franchise for the decisions it’s making.

So, if you have buyer’s remorse on the HC and his defensive scheme and wish we had kept Caldwell around, your Austin-led defense might put up Cincinnati-like stats.

Here’s where they rank:
30th in scoring, allowing 29.6 pts per game.
32nd in yards, allowing 447.8 yards per game.

UGH! We can’t even self-loath correctly! LOL

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wasn’t a fan of Austin’s defense. It was built on the thought of a solid front 4 or 7 and it wasn’t “solid” or whole and TA got fired over the fact we did not build a solid defense and NOT so much that Austin just totally sucked as a DC.

I don’t buy that Matt Patricia is awful, Bob Quinn did almost nothing for a defense that was suspect a season prior, JBC is brutal…the players/team reflects this.

weak defense, s#!77y offensive game plans and decisions by JBC…team is floundering.

Thing is, we just held Minnesota to 24.
Matt was sacked 10 times, and we put 9 points on the board.
The defense could be better, but, this offense should be putting 30 on the board regularly.
It’s the Oline, still! And, it’s injuries, again.
Lang is done. Wiggins is a huge drop.
Decker is a RT, and injured. Crosby…is surprisingly good. Maybe, the future.
Wagner, has not been as good as advertised.
Ragnow, and Glasgow probably need to flip, but, aren’t the problem.
We need a RG and a LT (insurance) in FA and the draft.
As long as Cooter is here, we need Golden Tate. Either Riddick or Powell have to step up. TJ didn’t.
The D is getting better except at CB. They’re going to continue to gel. Robinson tells me they have fire.
Play calling, Oline, and a key missing piece. Every freaking year!

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I don’t know why people keep giving Patricia the benefit of the doubt

I’m not really. I just don’t think the defense lost that game.
Right now, I’m more pissed about what did cost us that game!

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I give the benefit of doubt to any first year head coach. No one likes that it takes 3-5 years to really put finishing touches on a rebuild and every time you hire a new coach you are starting over. So start your calendars over because this is year one all over again.

It was just something that I found funny this morning is all.
I was ready to post just how doomed we are as a team by using evidence of our former DC moving on and excelling. Instead of finding how well he’s doing with a good group of defenders, I found instead that they’re at the league bottom. We’re middling, as we are on offense.

But, yeah, we knew defense was going to be a work in progress. The genius of bringing JBC back was that we wouldn’t be taking any steps back on offense. That truly is the frustrating part because the thing we tried to preserve is the thing letting us down the most.

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nope didn’t sell me on “we put 9 points on the board.” 9 freaking points in a full game is pathetic !

not aiming venom at you bro…just saying. has nothing to do with Austin…He has BEEN gone.

Vikings were better they got 3 TD’s to our 1 and basically froze Stafford…he had nowhere to throw, the Vikings have a real nice defense…we are laughable. WE "should-have been able to put 30 up on them in that game on that scoreboard., but couldn’t come close…another time?? yeah -maybe, but we are talking THIS game which was a very important game for us to win…but we failed to do so. see you and I agree. there is no reason this team can’t hang 30 points up every game…it’s not that much to ask. 3 or 4 TD’s. we got beat by a better all-round team with their shit together. The Lions never have theirs together…and don’t play strong/tough football. It’s an issue, the team always playing soft.


In 2018 I don’t think it takes 3-5 years.

There are 2 many examples of it happening faster now.

I think the fact that the cap has spiked so much has lead to faster turnarounds.


We actually held the offense to less than that, given the pitch/fumble/fat guy TD. Holding the Vikings to 17 offensive points when our offense wasn’t doing anything is pretty impressive. Minnesota is averaging 24.6 points per game, so even with the fat guy TD, we kept them under their season average.

It’s the offense only getting 9 points that’s the issue. And that’s because Decker was cramping, Lang can’t stay healthy, Wiggins sucks, and Stafford has suddenly forgotten how to throw a receiver open. Granted, that last one has cut down on the INTs this year (except for game 1) but it’s also resulted in a lot of coverage sacks

What’s sucks is the defense actually came to play this week. Vikings offense only put up 17 points and we forced a couple of turnovers. Any kind of offense at all and we could have made it competitive at least.

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Its frustrating that our offense was put into a position to win this game. We were getting field goals deep in Vikings territory when we needed to be scoring touchdowns.