IF ... we host Philadelphia Eagles thread: Keep it here!

Let’s keep this place a bit more tidy.

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Tampa QB is banged up no way they will beat Philly .Hows our match up with Philly?


Philly has had some injuries to their line. Is Swift still hurting?

They’ve been struggling lately. Not sure they are a lock against a physical bucs team.

Hurts should have no problem with our secondary. We’ll hear that a lot from now on as every QB left is purdy good.

Philly has sucked down the stretch. Lost 5 of last 6 with only win vs. Giants.

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Ben Johnson is going to do terrible things to that Patricia defense.

Need fans help again

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Philly was the 5 seed. If they win, they come here.

No sure thing it’s Philly. I’d rather play either of these teams over SF or GB right now.


Slay still alive ?

I like our chances against Patrica’s D. I wouldn’t sleep on the Bucs with the way the Eagles have been playing!

No way Houston can beat Cleveland.

No way The Packers can beat Dallas.

Just Sayin


Anyone’s game tomorrow.

Absolutely no guarantee Philly beats the Bucs.

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Mayfield is not stable , jaylen is stable …In playoffs it’s all about stable players

I’m waiting for the floodgates to open if Philadelphia wins tonight. Patricia’s return, directing the Eagles defense, will be a storyline that’s much more negative & opposite of what Stafford received. The weak hearted need to avoid the Den if this materializes!


Bring that fat bastard on!


Well, at least we know there would be zero chance of the players carrying him on their shoulders if the Eagles did happen to win.


We just saw what happened to stafford, and we like him.


Patricia saga was over when he was fired after TDay several years ago. He has no place in Lions history beyond mentions of bad experiences and a tremendous Twinkie budget.

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