If your'e hoping for a good season, we need DT help

If youre hoping the team amd franchise exceeds expectations, and makes a run at the division title and playoff spot, we need to make a trade for an impactful DT.

As much as Alim has been talked about, he disapointed me. I actually would like him to lose more weight so he can play with better technique.

He is highly athletic but doesnt play like it. If Alim wanted to he could be similar to Aaron Donald. But he doesnt seem to want it. He played with terrible technique in the 1st pre-season game.

Im not relying on Levi.

Brockers is washed.

I see laziness at the DT position.

We need a legit, athletic, strong DT force that plays with quickness, knee bend, levarage, and can move laterally well.

If Larry Ogunjobi was healthy…he may do…

Id make a trade now.

Also…on OL take note of Frank “stand straight up” Ragnow

Ragnow like to hold too.

I wouldnt pay Ragnow. He is lazy. Straight legs Ragnow.

Bend knees, back straight, punch and lock out arms…

Im not impressed by the slop ive seen.

But let the local media and Hard Knocks make you guys “rocked up”…

Professional atheletes…playing with sloppy technique.

Its disgusting.


Preseason game 1

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All off-season to be in shape

2nd year player trying to become a household name…

Dont look good to me

He should be ripped like Aaron Donald. Instead he has baby fat still.

Sorry…school is not a deterrant anymore for him.

He should be a ripped brick house like Donald.

I was an advocate for both Alim and Levi…but im willing to admit maybe i was wrong (however i dont know these players personalities and how hard they work…so…i am at a disadvantage there as i dont have all the facts and intel on the human)…

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Wait, what? Aaron Donald is a 6 foot 290lb man with a six pack. That’s just freaky. He’s got crazy ass genes. Go look at HS footage of Alim. It’s just how he carries his weight. He’s a good player. It will be fine. It was one drive of a preseason game.

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Alim can hold his ground some but he has bad tenchique/lazy to shed quickly.

Alim should be around 300lbs or under and be quick. He would be a Donald type player.

He is too lazy to make that happen

Look at Alim in his freshman year at NC State.

But he would rather eat doritos and ho-ho’s.

He wouldn’t be a “Donald type player”. You are talking about one of the ten best defensive players in the history of the sport.


Really? Over one series of a preseason game? Come on, man.

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He would be better off

Fact is: he is a slop- daddy and isnt doing what he needs to do to live up to his potential. And he isnt the answer at our DT position.

Just sayin…


If you bust your nut over Hutchinson making a few plays in his 1st ever NFL action…

Only fair for a 2nd year player in the NFL with professional coaching and nutritionists for a year to be criticized


Vince was that size and played with better quickness and technique than Alim

Speaks to Alims laziness

pick up the old man Suh , better than we got even if he lost a step or two.


“Bust my nut”? What are you talking about? Hutch flashed. It’s reassuring. But he has to prove it when the actual lights go on.

Well…maybe youre smarter than the local media and majority of the fans…

Most media and fans are blowing loads right now about this team


I think Hutchingson looks awfully slim

Needs a year or 2 to beef up to become a force

But i do think he will do it

Vegas aint dumb…(speaking about team record)

Yup. It’s that time of the year.


Depends what you mean. You are absolutely entitled to your opinion. I’m also entitled to think Donald is a trash comparison and preseason NFL doesn’t mean much of anything.

Alim is a talented kid. He will play all of 2023 at a mere 22 years old. I’m hopeful that he has substantial remaining upside and he’s not all that bad as of now.

Potential means you havent done it yet…

And based on his pre-season action

Not much has changed

Expect to see teams run the ball as will against us…

One solid DT force will go a LONGGGG way.

We need stronger LB play, too.

But you’re completely disregarding that for a 21 year old he loked solid last year. So College Junior age and a confident NT with dome extra athleticism. Alim is the leash of my worries.

My number 1 worry by far?

OL depth :nauseated_face:

If we’re healthy our offense has a chance to be top 7-8. 50 total offensive TD kind of offenses.


That :arrow_up: , that is the front office saying, “Hey Jared,…”



Make the late to mid round trades

Unless we can land Roquan

Id pay Roquan Smith

The bears are stupid

Roquan is an animal