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Hey don’t judge me :joy:

Will Ferrell Reaction GIF

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That is a good one! :rofl:


Love it. I’ll find a way to use some rendition of that somewhere.


Not original, but still hilarious lol.


So I guess Im getting a new jersey…


Pretty sure he’s at a Wendy’s too… Lions employees… Wendy’s… I love this man.


I dont know what it is about Wendy’s but they can’t seem to make a burger without tomatoes. I am allergic to whole tomato’s and Wendy’s tomatoes cause me some of the worst allergic reactions.

I always order no tomatoes on every order I make with them. I even say please make sure there is no tomatoes I am allergic to them and I always get tomatoes on it. Every time.

I kid you not … one time I ordered a sandwich no tomatoes and of course it had tomatoes. I then walked inside. Got a replacement and it had tomatoes on it. Then asked for the manager who promised to take care of it. She brought me a sandwich that had tomatoes on it. Frustrated she finally made me a sandwich herself that was tomato-less. But it took them 4 tries.

You can’t just pick them off because the seeds and juice are enough to cause me a serious reaction. Been there done that a few times.

I stopped eating Wendy’s.


Maybe you should order extra tomatoes…bet you don’t get any.



I never liked Wendy’s food.

Seriously though


Yup - Iffy is attempting to repair out reputation at the drive through. After all of the nudity and law breaking…the pizza crash…Patricia’s sandwiches at meetings, etc…this will get us some positive culinary (see what I did there) hype.

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As a chef that pisses me off. When I get an allergy alert we all go to great lengths to prevent contamination. All my equipment immediately gets washed, I get a new cutting board, and I get my ingredients from my backup that are kept off the line. You can kill people and it’s not something to take lightly or mess around with.


I can remember being in Las Vegas with my boss for a work event and we stopped at P.F. Chang’s. My boss has a peanut allergy and asked for a certain dish without peanuts and explained his peanut allergy to the wait staff Long story short, his plate of food showed up and he stabbed his chicken and lifted it up to reveal a sea of peanuts. Needless to say he was none too happy.

I thought all Lions players and staff were banned from Wendy’s drive throughs.

Anyone who has a real allergy can thank all of the assholes who use fake “allergies” as their cheat code for trying to make sure they get what they want when special ordering something. When every special order coming in is because of an “allergy” it reduces the impact on line cooks.

These are the same pricks that buy the fake “service dog” vests for their hyperactive mongrels because they want to bring their dog with them and feel like everyone else should be forced to accommodate.

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100% this. Those are the two groups of people I dislike the most. They’re also the reason nobody wants to work in the hospitality industry anymore. People have zero patients and a laundry list of demands they feel entitled to. Yesterday one of our guests had our pool server pour her water for her all day even though her water pitcher was right next to her. Then she left a dollar tip. She’s paying $700 a night for a room but stiffs a 19 year old kid making less than minimum wage. Definitely someone I can live without.


I have always assumed the more special your order is the more spit you are likely to get in your food! Always be kind to those making your food.


At the other extreme is

If allergies are so bad and severe be considerate of the hospitality workers and

Decide if it’s safe and reasonable ask of the environment

Even with best intentions